Clinton funds conflict in Syria, Baltimore and now South Africa

The Hillary Clinton Diaspora Foundation supports the in South Africa. Their spokesperson Angel Jones is a Board Member of Roedean School. This private English school, one of the oldest and most expensive Anglican institutions in South Africa, features prominently in the attacks against Afrikaans schools.

The previous white ANC education MEC, Barbara Creecy – also from Roedean – has served as the instigator of the ongoing schools conflict since 2009. Creecy was appointed as the new finance MEC in 2014.

She is currently “advising” Panyaza Lesufi, her follower and some say puppet, on the English take-over of Afrikaans schools.

Creecy says on her bio she “used her journalism skills in ANC underground structures”. The terrorist underground of the ANC waged a bombing campaign against civilians before they were unbanned.

Jones, a friend of Creecy’s, was invited to Morning Live on SABC2 on Wednesday where she repeated Creecy’s goals and openly stated that Afrikaans schools should be anglicized as soon as possible.

Jones makes the nonsense claim that she, as a British passport holder, belonged to the “African diaspora” in Britain. She also misspells “Hillary” as “Hilary” on the “fact sheet” of her organisation.

Hillary Clinton’s foundation funds “diaspora communities” to “offer the benefits of the ‘brain gain,’” Clinton said at the opening ceremony of the second annual Global Diaspora Forum in 2012.

The in South Africa promotes the “African brain gain“.

Speaking to about 500 diaspora community leaders, advocates and senior US officials in 2012, Clinton cited the support of Syrian Americans and organizations as an example of how the Syrian diaspora serves as a link to support “opposition activists” in the war-torn Syria.

Most of the “opposition activists” in Syria today are members of ISIS, who behead “infidels”.

Clinton’s funding is hardly an advertisement for Creecy, Jones and their ilk. At the meeting in 2012 Clinton also praised the ways that immigrant communities have revitalized American cities like Baltimore, Md.

In only two short years Baltimore exploded into racial strife and animosity, raising fears that meddling by the Clintons may lead to open conflict.