DA struggles to keep anti-white sentiments down

The DA has effectively outlawed the use of all racial terminology, in particular the “B-word” (boer) and the “H-word” (hotnot), both derogatory words used to describe whites and coloureds, respectively, saying they are just as bad as the “K-word” in a bid to cover-up anti-white sentiments surfacing.

Many were shocked by comments recently made in particular by a senior party member, whose name is known to the Cape Argus, who openly declared that he did not vote for “Athol Trollip because he’s white”.

Senior party members and several councillors told the Cape Argus they were “flabbergasted” when the member made the comments, stunning the meeting into silence.

In its quest to combat “across the board” racism in the party, the DA Western Cape Provincial Council met at the weekend to discuss among others the terms used to refer to white, black and coloured people living in the province.

“Boer” is not a term for all whites. It is only used against Afrikaners.

DA provincial leader Patricia de Lille, who is leading the “anti-racism” charge, confirmed that she made reference to the use of the K-word, the B-word and the H-word during discussions.

“The DA does not tolerate the use of racist language. We consider all derogatory words equally repulsive,” she said adding that the party will take disciplinary steps against any DA public representative or employee or member who uses racist language.

The meeting, chaired by provincial party chairman Anton Bredell, consisted of a three-member panel which included Premier Helen Zille, De Lille and deputy provincial leader Bongikosi Madikizela.

Members say issues that raised eyebrows included claims that the “coloured majority was being neglected for the needs of a small black voter base”.

Similarly, concerns were raised about black party leaders being chosen above coloureds, while calls were made that service delivery should be focused on the majority race in the province – the coloureds – who had faithfully voted for the DA.