White victim of hijacking still in ICU

The white woman who was seriously injured on May 27 in a failed hijacking in Dunkeld West is still in ICU.

One week later, police have arrested no one. Warrant officer Moses Makhaphela told eNCA.com police were still investigating the case.

He would not confirm whether or not police had met with the injured woman, or taken her statement or the statements of witnesses at the shooting.

Police have opened a case of attempted murder and attempted hijacking but have made no arrests in connection with last Wednesday’s incident.

The white woman, a mother of two, was rushed to hospital with a bullet wound to the upper left leg.

Her husband spoke to eNCA.com and said his wife was stable but still in hospital a week after the incident.

The woman, in her forties, was unconscious when paramedics drove her to hospital last Wednesday. She was shot at about 9.50am after at least three black men driving an Audi followed her up Bompas Road.

The suspects followed the woman into a perpendicular street. After she pulled into a driveway, two men – both thought to have been armed – jumped out of their vehicle.

She tried to reverse but hit the pavement, then they struck. The men broke the front windows of the woman’s car, reportedly by shooting through them.

“Her stuff in the car was stolen out the front seat,” the woman’s husband said. “I believe they were trying to steal the car.”

He asked eNCA.com to omit his name from this report. “I don’t want our names or our family name in it,” he said.

Speaking of the shot to her upper left leg, the husband said: “It was quite a serious wound and she is stable.”

“She will recover. It’s a process you’ve got to go through. She is stable and the leg is going to be okay.”

After the shooting, the black men fled in the Audi. Several people from a nearby housing development and passersby rushed to the woman’s aid.

A man who responded to the commotion, heard the woman say, “I’ve been shot”. She then passed out. One Dunkeld West resident wrapped the woman’s bloody wound in a towel.

After paramedics rushed her to hospital, police cordoned off the scene. The Range Rover was still in the road, streaked with blood.

Her husband said it was “thanks to the people there in the community and the passerby” that his wife was recovering well.

Source: eNCA