Letter: Why Niël Barnard was both right and wrong

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union without it waging a nuclear war, the United States of America became the world’s sole hyperpower.

During the 1990s a powerless Russia was ruled by US-serving oligarchs, denying Russia the opportunity to ever accumulate sufficient domestic capital to rise again.

Former US enemies, Japan and Germany, had already become occupied American vassal states after World War II.

Chinese trade was totally controlled by the US, as mainland China itself was like an island in the Pacific, completely surrounded by the US and its subordinate states at sea and on land.

On the Sub-Saharan African subcontinent, an industrialised nuclear-armed superpower capable of sovereign political and economic policies, had completely given up its vast regional power by implementing UN Security Council Resolution 436. The Western-backed ANC that subsequently took power in South Africa, was denied the uranium enrichment, nuclear-weapon as well as ballistic-missile technology of the preceding Afrikaner state. The ANC-controlled South African state was set to fully cooperate with the unipolar world hegemon, the likewise multicultural USA.

By the turn of the millennium in the year 2000 after Christ, the USA was set to rule the world in a new American Century. The old American century was the 20th century in which it won World War II against Germany and Japan, but only with the help of the USSR as its good ally. The USSR though as a Eurasian power, automatically filled the vacuum left by the destruction of Germany, and as such prevented the US from ruling the world. The new American Century, the 21st century, was without the USSR or sovereign Russia. This time the new American Century would last a thousand years, meaning forever.

Considering pre-enlightenment Western Judeo-Christian religious traditions, as well as modern evangelical Judeo-American millennialism, factually in the year 2000 the exceptional reign of God had settled on American soil. This was to be the end of total global wars due to no opposing state competition, and thus the end of political-state history as the Western-European culture had known it.

Against this global backdrop, with the USA as the exceptional and sole ruler of planet Earth and its moon, intelligent Afrikaners like Niël Barnard, FW de Klerk and also the late PW Botha were vindicated in their clever strategy to trade totalitarian military South African regional domination amidst American sanctions, for a peaceful, American-approved permanent domestic political settlement under the eternal protection of said Western hyperpower as the sole ruler of the global post-WWII world order.

The year 2000 marked the appropriate commencement date of a visible New Age and the rational Project for a New American Century.

In the year 2000, no person could have predicted the Twin Tower collapse in New York, inside the USA of all places on this planet.

Bombs could explode over Lockerbie on a Pan-American plane en route to New York where the New York Accord between South Africa, Cuba, the USA and USSR was signed in 1988, but by 2001 there was no state power that could pull off an immense New York Twin Tower collapse operation within the territory of the hyperpowerful United States, except the US itself. The US Government would never ever commit a 9/11 against itself. There was no conspiracy. The fact that 9/11 did occur in 2001, points to something exceptional in world history: the US is a non-sovereign hyperstate.

In the year 2000 no political analyst would have predicted the deliberate destruction of the artificially created Iraqi state and its associated global power balance in 2003. It was inconceivable that a rational USA would utterly destroy its own strategic vassal state, and thereby its own global power balance by providing Iran, Russia and China with the opportunity to gain power and sovereignty, which in turn destroyed global US hedemony and its exceptional unipolar world order.

Was the US irrational when destroying its important geopolitical tool, the Iraqi state? Were US decision makers stupid? Or was the US intelligence service plain dumb as proposed by Niël Barnard? None of these course.

The fact that the Iraqi state was destroyed by the US, and the fact that this power vacuum automatically favoured Iran, as well as presented both Russia and China with the opportunity to coordinate their gain of sovereign power and thus end the ultra-short-lived unipolar world order that was supposed to last for a thousand years, points to something exceptional in world history: the US is a non-sovereign hyperpower.

Both the unlikely Twin Tower collapse in New York, as well as the subsequent destruction of the US-strategic Iraqi state during the start of the 21st century, when the USA was the world’s sole hyperpower and almighty ruler of the total globe, point to one and the same political principle, which has nothing to do with conspiracy, but is called non-sovereignty by academics and political scientists.

Non-sovereign is a state that conducts a war in which it reduces its power, which is the same as conducting a war against a friend, instead of against a true enemy of that state.

Stupid the non-sovereign USA was and is definitely not. The US government knew in 2003 that it could not destroy the Iraqi state, and let Iran gain power by stepping into the power vacuum, which Iran would certainly do and did.

Shortly after the Twin Tower collapse in New York, David Frum shocked the political world, by inserting into the US President’s speech the state of Iran as part of the evil axis. For the US to destroy Iraq in favour of the state of Israel, it was absolutely necessary to simultaneously destroy the state of Iran.

Instead of bunker-buster bombing and thereafter invading to destroy the sovereign state of Iran, the US government after proper investigation and scientific risk-analysis, decided to do the most sensible thing, and as during the 20th century, opted to rather engineer regime change in Iran.

During 2005 Ariel Sharon warned against this covert US approach to conquering Iran, as he was certain that it would fail, with dire consequences for the unipolar world order. An unfortunate stroke put Sharon in a vegetative state, thus ending his attempts to save the exceptional Judeo-Christian ruled world order.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei saw the US-sponsored colour revolution coming, and had engineer Mahmoud Ahmedinejad elected as Iranian state president to resist and foil US-engineered regime change.

Had South Africa had a Supreme Leader or sovereign Ayatollah, to engineer the rise of a State President other than FW de Klerk, South Africa would not necessarily have taken a vastly different path than before.

As mentioned, by 1990, South Africa had already implemented Resolution 436, thereby giving up on its 21st-century imperative for regional integration via proxy power in Southwest Africa, Angola, the DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Also in the early 1990s it became evident that the USA was by then the world’s sole ruling hyperpower, and most of the Afrikaner ruling elite if not all, including Dr Nieël Barnard who cooperated closely with the US since his nuclear state power studies there in 1979, did not believe the USA to be non-sovereign, unlike the assassinated Dr Verwoerd.

– Madelein Louw