Chief Justice wants white males out

South Africa’s black Chief Justice berated the government and corporations for hiring white males to defend them in courts.

Speaking at a Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry luncheon, Mogoeng Mogoeng said: “There’s still a lot to be done to empower women, especially black women [in the judiciary].

“But the big challenge is that whenever big business has a matter before our court they brief white male lawyers.

“The same goes for the government: It briefs white males,” he said.

Mogoeng urged businesses to support young black student lawyers at universities and called on white male lawyers, to stop paying lip service to transformation in the legal sector.

Mogoeng, without irony, called on South Africa to follow the example of countries like South Korea and Singapore. They had succeeded, he said, due to good governance, unified purpose and a strong emphasis on education.

Both countries are listed among the worst in the world for black people.

“I cannot stress this too much, we need to embrace education aggressively,” Mogoeng said.

  • Guest

    SA has showered blacks with money for education for close to 20 years with no improvement. The judge knows this. He wants whites out because he thinks he’ll look better without them.

  • Nevyn

    Hehehe, so some much for black power, lol, losers.

  • asd

    Being a white male is tough these days. If it’s not BEE, then it’s 1st for Women insurance discriminating against us.