KZN University to probe racial comments

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Westville campus is probing racial comments posted on its facebook page earlier this week, spokeswoman Nomonde Mbadi said on Friday.

“All matters in this regard are currently under investigation. The university’s internal disciplinary processes will be applied,” she said.

The Times reported that a facebook post on Wednesday said: “Indians will never understand us blacks because we are raced [sic] differently. We are born to kill that why tomorrow we will wipe out all the Indians on campus.

“Don’t come, otherwise you will go straight to heaven.”

Another posting on Friday read: “Blacks are stupid and want everything for free.”

A third one called for Indians and whites to be killed.

The comments have since been removed from the university’s facebook page.

Mbadi said: “We are extremely disappointed that at this point in our democracy young students, who are the future leaders of our country, are engaging in racial slander on the social media network.”

Students at the university protested on Monday and Tuesday because they wanted funding to be made available to over 1000 students.

They also wanted the university to provide housing for more students.

The students went on a rampage on Tuesday after being told about a court interdict against the protests of the past weeks.

Police spokesman Colonel Vincent Mdunge said students barricaded roads with burning tyres and rocks, preventing vehicles from coming entering or leaving the institution.

Four students were arrested for malicious damage to property and three students were injured.

Mbadi said the protests were not about racial prejudices.

“The university prides itself as a diverse institution of higher learning where different cultures are welcomed and celebrated.” – SAPA