Le Pen – US no ‘ally or friend’ to France

The leader of France’s far right Front National party, Marine Le Pen, has declared that the United States is not “an ally or a friend” to the French, in light of Wikileaks reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on three French presidents.

“France should react with firmness and send out a strong signal today by pulling out of discussions over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty,” Le Pen wrote in a statement, referring to the deal being discussed by the European Parliament to revise corporate rights in dealings with governments. She and other eurosceptics have opposed the TTIP plan.

“The US are a hegemonic power, prepared to do anything in order to increase its grip on our country” Le Pen said. “The French must recognize that the United States, which is to say its government that we clearly distinguish from its people, are not a country that is an ally or a friend.”…

Le Pen also dismissed Sarkozy’s decision to restore France to Nato’s integrated military command in 2009 as a “strategic mistake”. Former leader Charles de Gaulle removed France from the role in 1966, fearing it harmed France’s sovereignty.

In the conversation the two negotiate the possibility of Le Pen endorsing the Russian annexation of Crimea and visiting the peninsula as “an observer”.

Source: Newsweek