China slams US Human Rights Report

China has bashed the US with its own “Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014”, argumentatively advising Washington that it should take a look in the mirror before pointing fingers.

Beijing has answered the US with its own annual Human Rights Record of the United States in 2014, which was released by the country’s State Council Information Office on Friday, a day after Washington published its Report on Human Rights Practices for 2014.

It brought into focus the grave human rights violations both inside the US and those it has exercised all over the world.

“While its own human rights situation was increasingly grave, the US violated human rights in other countries in a more brazen manner, and was given more ‘red cards’ in the international human rights field.”

“In the field of international human rights, the US has long refused to approve some core human rights conventions of the United Nations and voted against some important UN human rights resolutions.”

The report also stressed that the US National Security Agency had spied on world leaders and civilians all over the world.

The report pointed at the problems of racial discrimination within US, especially stressing how Washington treats its minority groups and indigenous people, which are “subject to unfairness in environment, election, health care, housing, education and other fields.”

American women and children’s rights were also not fully protected within their own country.“Money is a deciding factor in the US politics, and the US citizens’ political rights were not properly protected,” the report concluded.

Source: Sputnik News