The “R” in evolution.

The world has had its fair share of revolutions in the past few centuries, most notably the French, the Russian and perhaps slightly less so the South African “transformation”.

The narrative abounds that life has become either too complicated or daunting to continue on its path and therefore is in need of change. The desire for wanton destruction then becomes the norm. No stone is left unturned and people are killed in droves, their demise often being met with mirth and mockery.

While the images of the French and Bolshevik Revolutions are well documented and the savagery well-known, it appears that the dynamism behind them has itself undergone an evolution. No longer do we see a uniform ideology to abide by, but a caricature of one’s own culture is used. The motor behind revolution has gone global and uses different means depending on the local circumstances.

Actually, a global revolution is taking place at present, and has been doing so for decades. We feel the tremors but the epicentre is hidden. We have seen South Africa fall, and are watching how the United States is following suit, yet nations that are rising from the ashes, like Russia for instance, has become the new thorn in the side of the world’s shadow elite. No doubt, a firm nationalist and religious identity works wonders to abate any such dangerous revolutionary takeovers. In that sense Russia has a lot to teach us because they have been there.

In the news today, we see the following “random” events taking place:
Back in 2010 the journalist and Bilderberg Group investigator Daniel Estulin mentioned that thirteen US military bases were being built in Afghanistan with the intention of threatening Russia. Need we not forget that the eastern block has done away with the Warsaw Pact decades ago, but NATO – its military contender in the West – is still rattling its sabre. Otherwise, various fringe groups such as pop stars and gay rights activists have been implemented to stem the tide of Russian nationalism. Not to mention the State Department’s Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone call wherein the political dislodging of Ukraine from its powerful neighbour was discussed. And yet they still want us to believe that Putin is the bogeyman.

Elsewhere, the United States is still reeling from the various racially related riots that have taken place at home. Arguably, it started off when George Soros’ puppet president Barack Obama commented on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case in 2012. In contrast to the ruling of the court, the president defended the African American teenager, effectively criminalising the defendant further and undermining the rule of law; a dictator in the making. Setting such precedents are not productive when it comes to quelling race relations, not to mention how the defendant, who had previously referred to himself as Hispanic all of a sudden became “white” in the eyes of the public. This hand-picked incident of violence (one out of 8,855 hand gun related homicides that year) had to have a white man killing a black youngster in order to pass muster, otherwise it would have disappeared down the memory hole and would have been seen as no more than an everyday act of violence. The ensuing race related incidents in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore demonstrated how violence with indirect approval from the Commander in Chief begets further violence. The Washington Post has mentioned how, once again, George Soros bankrolled $33 mln to Ferguson to fan the flames of racial tensions. Apparently – and to no surprise one might add – even the race-baiting reverend Jeremiah Wright is on Soros’ dime.

In other parts of the world, especially the Middle-East, we are witnessing the rise of Islamic State, a new type of extremist militia group with lofty ambitions of establishing a global caliphate. Interestingly, where the US had helped to topple local dictators and warlords, IS is taking over with unseen ferocity. First there was Saddam who had to be ousted, and a few years later Khaddafi followed him into the grave. In both instances and beyond, IS rose out of the chaos, beheading people and destroying ancient statues wherever they went. The destructive allure of IS has transcended national borders not only in the Middle-East but even Muslims in Europe are enticed by their boldness and are risking life and limb to fight and die for them. And then we have to hear how none other than puppet master Henry Kissinger mentioned that IS is fighting with weapons manufactured in the United States, while Republican senator John McCain was seen holding a meeting with the IS ringleaders.

Do we see a pattern emerge?

In Russia, the Western elite wants to destroy their sense of nationhood using religion as an important target. In the US they are using trumped up charges of racism to destroy the White Anglo Saxon Protestant character, and in the Middle-East uncompromising savagery is used to kill and intimidate minorities in the name of Islam, all happening at the same time.

In all these cases, religion is used either as a lance or as a target, depending on the local circumstances.

One of the ideals of Communism, as explained in Marx and Engels’ manifesto is to destroy religion. In the case of IS, religion is used as a means to traumatise the various populations in order to ultimately convert the masses to atheism, as religion is perceived as a source of violence. Apparently a new force of atheism is emerging within the spindle of the Islamic world, namely Saudi Arabia. Even though statistics are hard to come by in this reclusive state, the general opinion seems to be that the veils and religious garb are rather concealing unbelief than immorality nowadays.

As Lenin once wrote, the best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals. From this point of view, it appears as if IS has taken a leaf from the book of global revolution and are using the most severe forms of barbarism to put Lenin’s credo to the test. Any successful megalomaniac could attest to the joys of a traumatised and docile populace, as they often make the best slaves.

Whereas in the United States and South Africa, the destruction of the middle class is taking place, with white Americans and South Africans slowly becoming the nouveau pauvre, the Russian Bear is on the rise, and Putin has achieved everything the globalists had hoped would not happen. The entire revolutionary character and spirit of Russia has been disbanded and the rumors are circulating that the czar is to be restored as a final triumph of nationalism over internationalism.

To create a world of poverty and unbelief appears to be one of the means the elite is using to encapsulate the world by locking its people up in an unbreakable caste.

In our modern times people are once again searching for a sense of being authentic. Realising that the general narrative that has been told to us does not reflect people’s true feelings, the search for a more authentic identity then comes to the fore.

This would explain the primary reason why revolutions, which cost billions in modern day cash, cannot hold up against nationalist sentiments. Just as historian Oswald Spengler wrote about a hundred years ago a sense of one’s own culture and way of life cannot be crushed, simply because self-reflection is free and more captivating than the primitive one-dimensional ideologies proposed by revolutionary ideologues. Conversely, the revolutionary thinkers have to pressure themselves into preventing this return to nationalist based thoughts, ultimately fighting a losing battle.

Regardless of the fact that revolutions have evolved, once the tricks that are being used are exposed, people will naturally return to their own sense of authenticity, causing revolutionary thoughts to dissolve and go gently into that good night.

Let’s hope it’s not too late for that.