Gang rape at primary school ignored for weeks

Police officers from Boschkop police station in Gauteng confirmed that an 8-year-old girl and her classmate were examined following reports that they had been raped.

“I am so hurt; the principal has been aware of this for two weeks. Despite telling parents that he has taken the matter to the police, he has done nothing,” the father said.

The father had discovered possible sexual assault on his daughter two weeks ago.

When he investigated it emerged that his little girl had been one of four girls, aged between 7 and 9, raped allegedly by four older boys at the Kutumela Molefi Primary School at Lethabong informal settlement, east of Pretoria.

“I spoke with the mother of one of the girls and she found that her child been badly injured.”

The mother had gone to the school and was told that the problem would be dealt with by the principal.

“The principal said he would investigate. A few days later he said he had reported it to the police. When I followed up, I found the police had no idea that this had happened.”

In the past two weeks, the parents have been sent from pillar to post by the principal and teachers at the school.

They also promised to bring in counsellors to make sure the children were examined for signs of penetration.

“My wife has also been threatened for speaking about this in public, being told that she should not dare tarnish the image of the principal,” the father said.

His wife and stepmother of the child had been to the school to enquire on the progress of the school’s investigation when she was allegedly intimidated by the teachers.

When progress was not forthcoming, the worried father enlisted the help of members of his church.

Policies required the school to report such incidents to the department, police and medical professionals immediately on becoming aware of them.

The Boschkop police scheduled the girls for counselling ths week, and officers opened a case and started their investigation immediately.