Freemasons call all Dutch and Afrikaans residents

The Eendract maakt macht nr.8 Freemasons lodge is calling on all interested Dutch and Afrikaans speaking males in the community to join them, the Roodepoort Rekord reported.

What makes this lodge, which was established in 1899, special is the fact that they perform their rituals in Dutch and that it is the only Dutch lodge in Africa.

When the Grand Lodge South Africa (GLSA) was established the Eendract maakt macht lodge decided to remain with the Groot oostender Nederlander orde in Holland. Over and above performing their rituals in Dutch they have also stayed true to the Dutch way of performing their rituals.

For those who have not mastered the language, an electronic or hard phonetic copy is available and rituals are read instead of recited off by heart, says current Chairing Lodge Master Steven Groeneveld.

According to lodge secretary Piet Konemann the essence of Freemasonry is “taking a rough ashler (stone) and chipping away at it until it is a perfect ashler” which simply means “taking good men and making them better men”.

Konemann said the brotherhood is not a secret society but their rituals and symbols are secret until you become a Freemason. This he says is to protect the rich tradition of the fraternity.

Groeneveld points out the Masons are all about helping the community and their fellow brothers but they do not walk around boasting about it. He also said interested parties should not see it as a business networking opportunity since it is not an “old boys club”.