Greece also has an immigration problem

Unbelievable scenes on the island of Lesvos as refugees try to raid a food truck. The incident took place when nearly 2,500 migrants hosted in the camp of Lesvos (Mytilene) municipality in Kara Tepe saw the catering truck approaching. They started to run for a plate of food.

Reason for the panic was a rumor claiming that catering services for refugees had stopped on the island of Samos due to debts.

On Tuesday, another boat carrying people to Greece sank, more than 10 people missing.

Next to the Greek humanitarian and economic crisis and the country on the brink of collapse, there is also the Refugees Crisis.

Europe is keeping eyes and ears closed, while Eurocrats like European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker are making ‘nice promises’ for aid and relocation to other EU countries.

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