Vehicle stonings on R300 increase

Motorists using the R300 near Cape Town have been cautioned to drive on a full tank and not stop for any reason – the latest warning about a stretch of road that authorities regard as a vehicle-stoning hot spot.

The warning from Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa follows an incident on Saturday evening in which a motorist narrowly escaped being hit by bricks hurled at his vehicle near Hindle Road.

IT technician Jeandre Terblanch was travelling towards Kuils River when he and other motorists were targeted by assailants standing on the side of the R300, just metres before the Hindle Road off-ramp.

Terblanch said three black men, two dressed in reflector jackets, picked up bricks and started pelting passing vehicles.

“My bakkie was damaged by one of the bricks. I was travelling in the slow lane so I managed to get away. The car travelling next to me in the fast lane was hit extensively. His windows were bashed in,” he said.

Terblanch said that when he came to a stop at a red traffic light, he checked to see if the driver of the badly damaged vehicle was unharmed.

“I looked for police or traffic officials alongside the road but could not spot any. I believe the guys (the assailants) were trying to cause our vehicles to swerve so that they could hijack and rob us. They could have killed us in the process,” he said.

The Delft and Kuils River cluster Community Policing Forum chairman Reginald Maart said yesterday that there has been an upsurge in vehicle stonings in the last two months.

He said the forum had been dealing with multiple complaints from Mfuleni to Delft and urged motorists not to travel alone along the R300 highway.

Terblanch said he had decided against reporting the incident to the police.