Violence errupts in PE

A number of cars have been burned and others have been stoned, as violent protest action resumed in Port Elizabeth on Thursday morning.

At least one person, a woman, was injured when she drove her car into a tree in shock after being caught up in the middle of the uprising.

She was transported to hospital.

Angry community members are protesting in Walmer township area over housing issues there.

Traffic has been disrupted and roads are closed as a heavy police presence prevails.

AlgoaFM news reports that the protest action started on Wednesday already, with crowds burning tyres in the roads.

However the violence moved to surrounding areas of Port Elizabeth, and then flared up in Walmer once again overnight.

Water canons have reportedly been filled again today and redeployed as a precautionary measure for today’s flare-up.

People have been advised to stay well clear of the area.

Source: eNCA