Albert Brenner: Chan Island

It was not supposed to happen this way. The colonisation of the virtual world was supposed to have shown Humanity the path to the Pearly Gates.

The Baby Boomers were told that the human imagination is the unimpeded voice of the processes holding sway in the unconscious. Furthermore, fantasy has the innate abilty to circumvent the Reality Principle… thereby allowing reconciliation with “the whole, of desire with realization, of happiness with Reason” (Marcuse, 1960, p. 143).

In the world of online-gaming, the imagination rules supreme. Thus, according to Marcuse, Humanity had to be All Aboard for Ararat when we colonised Cyberspace via the human imagination.

But, lol, #Gamergate came to pass and all went tits up… sending seismic schock waves that are currently felt even in the highest echelons of political power on the planet.

It all started, as it usually does, with a revolt against injustice. In order to boost her career (and, obviously, her bank account), a certain, very mediocre, female game developer called Zoe Quinn was caught using her panties to keep her ankles warm when in the company of gaming-industry journalists. This, justifiably, raised the ire of gamers and game developers alike.

Shortly after – and predictably so – social justice warriors (SJWs) started circling the (overwhelmingly heterosexual Pale Male) gaming community in the hope of setting up yet another grievance/victimhood shop from which to peddle the penance they planned to elicit.

Cometh the time, cometh the bitch. The “cultural critic” Anita Sarkeesian who, by her her own admission, was “never interested in computer games”, then swooped in like a female Gos hawk in estrus in order to “save” the unicorns being ruthlessly rogered by those who actually created the whole gaming industry, namely, the heterosexual Pale Male.

Lo and behold… did they harsh her feminist mellow one-time shoe-shine. She, and fellow SJW ilk, didn’t have the foggiest who they were actually up against.

The gaming community comprises some of the best, brightest and most dedicated the IT revolution has ever produced – programmers, Anonymous-founders/hackers, brilliant writers, Tech start-up specialists, young philosophers, scientists, venture capitalists, game-loving Manospherians and, most importantly, the hard-working, hard-playing (young and old) Free Speech-loving Joe Average of Western Civilisation.

The battle was brutal, but the gamers prevailed. They gathered on the B-platform of 4chan (lately, also 8chan), dug in and defended themselves. And, against all odds, they successfully pushed back the feel-good politically-correct witch-hunting hordes of the latest Utopian/Progressive flavour of the month, Identity politics… for it was their “safe-space”, their New World, the only place left – after more than two decades of (the) unrelenting criminalisation of the heterosexual Pale Male.

Simply glorious. But, alas, they were fated to be victorious…

Freud and Darwin are (still) the bogeymen of modern Utopianism. Their “rehabilitation” is thus imperative if Humanity wants to (finally) set sail for Atlantis. Many have tried, all have failed – e.g. TH Huxley and P Teilhard de Chardin (even Richard Dawkins, lately) vis à vis Darwin, and Willhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse vis à vis Freud.

What does this have to do with 4/-8chan (henceforth, Chan Island)? Well, what has been in “the real” since the dawn of mankind, so also is in the “virtual”. In other words, Freud’s take on the nature of man (and Being) in the pre-IT Age, also applies to Cyberspace.

In short: Chan Island is a sterling example of the fact that harbouring any notion of a perfect existence is futile. As Freud (1930, p. 103) so eloquently put it:

“It is this battle of the Titans [ Eros and Thanatos] that our nurses and governesses [read SJWs] try to compose with their lullaby-song of Heaven.”

Having thus unceremoniously routed the founders of left-wing Baby Boomer utopianism (Marcuse and Reich), Chan Islanders automatically rose to the occasion when they saw that their physical territory, America, was being flushed down the “diversity” drain by an ever-increasing number of the Puritan-rooted right-wing Baby Boomers.

As the brilliant blogger (and co-founder of the Dark Enlightenment), Mencius Moldbug, explained;

“Puritanism has not disappeared at all – it just mutated into Unitarianism that is, non-universalist Unitarianism, now itself extinct, which begat Transcendentalism, which begat Unionism, Progressivism, and the ecumenical movement, which became the ‘super-protestant’ Establishment so derided by the late great flower children”. In short, two peas in the Utopian pot. Furthermore, as Moldbug holds, democracy inevitably sees the right move to the centre… whereupon the centre inevitably moves to the left. The current rubber-stamping of practically all Obama`s policies by the Republican Party clearly illustrates the above political dynamic.”

What has this got to do with Darwin (and Chan Island)? Well, in The Descent of Man Darwin stated that Morality plays no tangible role in Evolution, except when it comes to inter-group conflict. From this it follows, as this author believes, that there is no logical coherence to what is deemed moral… in the absence of conflict. In other words; there is no Good & Evil when there is no conflict. Or, in short: Morality is contingent upon conflict, and vice versa.

The above is clearly illustrated by, e.g. the fact that once all opposition had been swept aside by the post-WWII Communist Chinese regime, the (vast majority) of Chinese did not blink all too hard when millions of their fellow countrymen were slaughtered under said murderous regime. It was only from the “outside” that said “evil” was “recognised/appreciated”. The same could be said for the abortion horror in America after Roe vs Wade, tacitly approved by both the GOP and Dems. Hence no wonder that the Frankensteinian horror revealed by the current scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood does not elicit too much outrage.

Be that as it may, Chan Islander rallied to the cause when they saw that the GOP establishment made no serious effort to protect America from the illegal immigrants (of non-European descent) threatening to turn their home into a Turd Word shithole. Their magnificent (Darwin-programmed) territorial instinct (honed by their war against left-wing Utopianism) immediately kicked in when they realised that the GOP has become (the) Dems-Lite.

In other words, as explained in the previous two paragraphs, they saw the coming “evil” to be visited on them once there is not (true) conflict anymore between the GOP and the Dems.

And thus the latest battle for the soul (and fate) of America unfolds…

On the one side stands the #cuck-hating Chan Islanders and, on the other side, the Progressive idealists… comprising both left-wing and right-wing Lala Landians.

Chan Island is now using its most effective weapon to date, the #cuck cannon. This weapon was originally developed on Chan Island by some of the best trolling experts… having a good laugh whilst, simultaneously, showing the “stick-it-to-the-man” middle-finger to the insidious assault on humour by the politically-correct Sheeple mindlessly following the latest dictates of Plato-initiated Progressivism.

It therefore didn’t take long for Chan Islanders to morph the cuck slight – i.e. those who failed to stand their ground – into a meme which has the innate mojo to determine who the next president of the United States of America will be.

Enter the upgraded cuck-cannon, the #cuckservative meme… in full heavy-artillery anti-PC support of brash stand-your-ground Alpha-male POTUS candidate Donald Trump!

Aimed at all those GOP “racist/Nazi”-screaming sell-outs, it has instilled the fateful dystopian fear of Freud and Darwin in the hearts of both the un-based left and right-wing, alike (pun intended). So much so, that even the world’s most popular and successful Internet search engine, Google, has deemed it imperative to suffer collateral damage by de-indexing Chan Island’s Special Forces regiment, 8chan.

But hey, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. WTF happened to all that “reconciliation with “the whole, of desire with realization, of happiness with Reason” stuff, asked the last Baby Boomer “Make Love, Not War” unicorn rider – on Darwin’s race track… where strife is the spice of Moral life.

Infernal bogeymen! Kek kek … answered Socrates, Aristoteles, Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud, CS Lewis – and all the Sith Lords of the Dark Enlightenment.


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