Three with AK-47’s terrorise family

Over the weekend the Kahts family, who live in Krugersdorp, woke up one evening to three heavily armed black robbers.

At around midnight Karin Kahts heard a noise that sounded like an accident as they live close to a busy road, but when her husband switched on the light they were terrified finding three armed black men in their house.

The robbers broke open their front gate, security gate and door to gain access to their house.

They were armed with AK-47 and 9mm guns and held Kahts’ 20-year-old son at gunpoint as they moved through the house.

Kahts tried to close her bedroom door but one of the robbers forced it open and instructed her and her husband to sit down while pointing a gun at them.

“Sit or we’ll shoot your wife,” they said.

One of the robbers then loaded his gun, while the others wrecked the house in search of valuable goods.

The robbers demanded money and firearms from Kahts along with the keys to her husband’s company bakkie, to which he refused.

“One robber then hit my husband over the head with the AK-47 because he could not tell them where the bakkie’s keys were,” Kahts recalled.

She believes the CPF radio in her husband’s hand may have scared them off as they only grabbed a TV, her son’s wallet and money before fleeing.

They kicked the CPF radio out of her husband’s hand before making their way to a dark blue getaway vehicle in which a fourth robber was waiting for them.

Kahts told the Krugersdorp News she no longer feels safe in her home and the family struggles to sleep at night since the traumatic incident.

“These guys are definitely professionals. They knew exactly what they were doing and were not scared to handle the guns. They also were well dressed.”

“I honestly thought they were going to shoot me. We are so thankful to be alive and would like to thank the [white] Community Policing Forum members of Sector 9 for responding so quickly to our call-out,” Kahts said.