Aunt murdered for her body parts

The community says that worryingly, this is not an uncommon occurrence

The KwaDweshula community in Umzumbe, KZN, is troubled again after the slaying of Sanathoria Mhlongo (57) who was brutally murdered last Saturday night.

Her body was discovered on Sunday after police were informed that she was missing and that bloodstains had been spotted near her house, the South Coast Herald reported.

Mehlomnyama police began an investigation, which led to the discovery of the woman’s upper torso lying in an open field approximately 20 metres from her house.

“Further investigations led to the recovery of more body parts, a knife and other exhibits near a neighbouring house,” said police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid.

She added that a 19-year-old man, believed to be the woman’s nephew, had been arrested for the murder.

Community members say this has been an ongoing problem for a while now, with people in the area going missing and later being found dead with some of their body parts missing.