Overturned cement truck raided

“It’s Christmas!”

At least that’s what one resident from the hundreds of Video Center Informal Settlement’s black squatters thought who were allowed to gather cement that spilled as a result of a truck overturning.

The truck, transporting cement, overturned on the N14 on-ramp to Beyers Naudé Drive early yesterday, 18 August, morning leaving only the diver injured.

“We can now continue building our house,” the man said while his wife held open a bag full of cement.

The Joburg Metro’s Fire Department, Mogale City’s Traffic Department and Disaster Management Team were on the scene along with an ambulance who transported the driver.

By noon, the Fire Department covered the diesel spillage while amused by the Video Center residents who filled bags and buckets to the brim with cement.

“It seems news travels fast,” one Fire Department officer told the Krugersdorp News.

According to the officer, this is the second truck to overturn at the N14 on-ramp from Beyers Naudé Drive this year.