Black taxi drivers torch George buses

Five Go George buses have been set alight by black taxi drivers in a protest action in George. The taxi drivers complain that the buses hamper their profits.

The first bus was set alight in front of the depot, and more were set alight near the N2 Garden Route Mall.

A heavy police presence was deployed in the mainly coloured area.

Police spokesperson Malcom Pojie said, “We are currently monitoring the situation, and have deployed a lot of police personal to make sure commuters are safe.”

Police said they are currently interrogating a number of people in connection to the burning of the buses.

Pojie said, “We have not arrested, nor have we charged anyone but we are talking to a numbers of suspects and have impounded two taxis in connection with the burning of the buses.”

“We are aware of tensions between the taxi operators and the bus system, but this came as a surprise as we thought the situation had been sorted out with the local government,” he added.