Weaponizing Migrants

Europeans ought to be demanding Uncle Sam’s head on a silver platter, and those of their own leaders on pikes.

Thanks to 25 years of lunatic U.S. foreign policy initiatives and relentless military aggressions, the steady drip of illegal immigration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East has become a crisis of refugees.

Not only has the U.S. killed and maimed at least a million people and displaced millions more, it has destroyed the property – water, sanitation and transport systems – that support the networks of trade and commerce essential to the survival of developed human communities.

The U.S. has salted great swaths of the Middle East with the desiccated and irradiated debris of war. Disease and contagions lurk in shadows while the agents of violence march in the noonday sun.

On Thursday last, Nicolas Bonnal, writing for the French website Boulevard Voltaire, reported on an Austrian magazine’s scoop – courtesy of leaks from military intelligence stationed in Vienna – that the U.S. government is paying guides and middlemen who bring migrants to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. The original Info-Direkt article reported that the guides are well-equipped with technology, and are old hands at working Facebook, Twitter and Skype, as were the agents who instigated the Arab Spring.

With the targets of “color revolutions” having caught on to the CIA’s game of sedition, has inducing mass migrations meant to re-jigger the world so as to better serve their global purposes become the very latest weapon in the U.S. neo-cons’ arsenal?

It’s hard to credit the idea that Hillary Clinton, then the U.S. Secretary of State, didn’t understand the consequences of the “responsibility to protect” attack on Libya she and her foreign policy gal pals cooked up around the boiling cauldron that is U.S. foreign policy.

Muammar Gaddafi himself loudly warned both Italy and France, who so unwisely joined in the U.S.-instigated Libyan melee, of the flood of refugees that would come from toppling his gatekeeper government.

But why would a flood of refugees into Europe interest U.S. policymakers?

Possibly because the U.S.’s many attempts to bait Russia into attacking Ukrainian armed forces and thereby scare up increased Nato funding from the alliance’s membership have proved a risible failure. Flooding Europe with “swarms” of refugees just might convince Europeans that there is a useful purpose an expanding Nato presence could fulfill immediately.

Those same U.S. policymakers are actively working to inundate the U.S. with millions of migrants from Mexico and Central America, another imperial playground, on the flimsy basis of a Barack Obama Executive Order. Eager for a youthful, docile, dependent and cheap population of worker bees, the U.S. federal government is now engaged in draining the last wealth of the American middle class for use in settling and supporting many millions of immigrants, whose children will become the future taxpayers and voters the grotesquely obese federal government requires for its own future survival.

At last then, the long-sought weapons of mass destruction have been located. We can see them clearly now: They are Africa’s and the Middle East’s desperate and dispossessed migrants, and Central America’s young and unwitting illegals, of “the free world’s” creation, and they are on the move.

Source: Anne Williamson lewrockwell.com

  • Kalium_Chloraat

    “Don’t believe the human eye
    In sunlight or in shade
    The puppet show of sight and sense
    Is the Devil’s Masquerade.”
    —Robert Anton Wilson

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Red and brown skinned Injuns have not lost Norte America to European guns, the battle is still on. Spanish is our unifying language and we are on the warpath. Seventy million Spanish speaking spics behind paleface lines cannot be defeated. Captured Booty and wampum will buy Spic squaws leather dresses and lil injuns red toys. Peace pipes will be filled with Opium seized from druggie palefaces. Captured white squaws will be used for tribal Fucking ceremonies. Spanish must be spoken and will be the national language.


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  • Guest

    The EU is ruled by a class of people who have completely sold themselves to the United States. The best examples of this sorry state of affairs is the Libyan debacle which saw the US and France completely destroy the most developed country in Africa only to now have hundreds of thousands of refugees cross the Mediterranean and seek refuge from war in the EU. This outcome could have been very easy to predict, and yet the European countries played along with the US to create the crisis.

  • countenance

    Because Baraq Obama is President, no neo-con he, I don’t think this has anything to do with Putin, Ukraine, Nato, or neo-con fopo or military policy skullduggery. It probably has to do with all of the usual reasons TPTB want open borders for white countries.

  • nicholasstix

    This is some pretty thin gruel: 11 paragraphs of polemics and speculation, sandwiching one paragraph that claims in one language that an article in a second language recounted what an article in a third language exposed? My b.s. meter is exploding

    Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

    • Guest