‘We face an Armageddon scenario with migrants’

The General Secretary for Danish Refugee Help, Andreas Kamm, used to be a politically correct pro-multiculturalist. But he has had a change of mind, and is not even sure if we can save our societies.

From Jyllands Posten:

The number of refugees and migrants heading towards Europe is historically high. The political institutions that are in charge of handling refugee flows are collapsing. The solidarity within the EU and international conventions are under increasing pressure.

We are therefore heading towards a greater collapse, concludes Danish Refugee Council’s longstanding Secretary General Andreas Kamm. …

“We are risking that conflicts between refugees and migrants on the one side and local populations on the other goes awry and will escalate, and in my eyes, we face an Armageddon scenario.”

He estimates that the current pressure from streams of refugees constitutes a “permanent” challenge that will not go away, and recommends the development of new tools that can address and solve the problems.

But the answer is not that “Europe should import the world’s surplus populations,” Kamm said.

“We are not obliged to destroy our own society. We must stop before that if we possibly can,” he says.

Meanwhile American volunteers aid the migrants. MOAS (the Migrant Offshore Aid Station) is a foundation helping Africans to come to Europe, based in Malta.

It is dedicated to “preventing loss of life at sea by providing assistance to migrants”. MOAS is funded by the son of an American oil engineer from Lake Charles, Louisiana, one Christopher Catrambone.