Luister, a new take on ‘free’

Living on the conveyor-belt of state-promoted South African Stalinist ‘alternative realities’, the makers of Luister have found a unique way to survive without money.

Praag asked filmmaker Dan Corder how he funded his diatribe against Afrikaners. Corder promptly replied as follows.

For clarity, there was no funding whatsoever for this film. Not a single rand was spent on it. All of the equipment and transport costs were supplied and covered by us, the four filmmakers.

Dan Corder, Markus Hegewisch, Eric Mulder en Declan Manca lived on hot air for the 17 days it took to make the propaganda piece, it appears. Corder spoke to the Daily Maverick, another ‘alternative’ publication that apparently gets by without funding and money, but still manages to pay contributors extremely well.

Corder sat in a Cape Town bar with a friend. They’d spent the day in Stellenbosch where a student movement had staged a flash protest at a careers fair. Corder’s friend, a student at the university who had participated in the Open Stellenbosch protest, had just found out he would face disciplinary charges.

They talked about how the charges could silence the movement and how their experiences were largely ignored by the community, civic organisations and media. They knew it was a crucial moment.

“I just said, ‘Mate we have gotta’ make a movie’,” recalls Corder.

In 17 days, Contraband Cape Town, working with Open Stellenbosch, had made Luister (Listen).

The same Corder was locked up by the police for public violence in 2012 because he likes to pretend he is from a poor background.

You must be wondering why, after such a long propaganda campaign spanning more than 20 years, that has seen the likes of Corder defending black racists and génocidaires, some English-speaking white supremacists and religious fanatics who won’t intermarry, as well as the wholesale terrorising of innocent white civilians, including children, everywhere, some are still largely failing to get the message across that Afrikaners are the problem?

One can sense a rising panic, bafflement and bewilderment in Corder’s answer. Idiot-shills, on a par with the musings of corrupt tragi-comic ANC cadres, are just so terribly bad at what they do.

As Marcus Hegewisch from the University of Cape Town illustrated so well on Twitter:

Luister is a documentary about SA students facing racism & exclusion through language in varsity.

How many people who have been even half paying attention are going to believe that? Every single institution in South Africa has been taken over by the Killer Language, English. Afrikaans is hanging by a thread at Stellenbosch, but Hegewisch remains immune to his own irony.

Let’s recap. The ANC and their Anglo-Saxon World Masters are so incompetent, they have dragged the country to the point of financial ruin, the fallout of which we are experiencing and will continue to experience for the foreseeable future, with ‘transformation’, but they will still spend some precious last Rands on ‘free’ documentaries of the kind that brought on the financial ruin.

We have spent at least 20 years watching political leaders demonstrate in plain English how they are equally divided between lunatics, morons and moronic lunatics.

The University of Cape Town is run by a hard core of dangerously insane halfwits who have zero understanding of realpolitik or anything else for that matter. Yet, despite enough evidence of their incompetence, they persist, in English.

We’ve been forced to realise these people don’t understand their own profound limitations, can’t comprehend that UCT is not in England or the US, but actually believe they can have another of their ridiculous ‘colour revolutions’ to establish their monoculture at Stellenbosch.

All in pursuit of serving this fatuous, self-defeating, sub-intelligent agenda of pretending that a monoculture is ‘diversity’. Even if Stellenbosch’s vice-chancellor Wim de Villiers is playing along, it doesn’t mean that he’s a good actor.

Here’s a little bit of Internet 101 for the Corders of the world. Online publications have things called “archives.” Look it up. Readers can visit that archive in a few clicks. And there they can read what you were writing about ten years ago – or a year ago. And they can see quite easily if you are trying to subtly – or not so subtly – influence the narrative.

So, if you want to sell a sociopathic agenda, you really need to become a bit more au fait with how the world wide web works. Just lying and pretending about everything isn’t enough any more. You need to cover your own tracks. Rewrite your own recent past. Erase the inconvenient shards of truth therein.

If you’re going to lie, serially and self-contradictingly, then don’t forget to use the Memory Hole.

Rutger Hoell