Trump tells Jeb to speak the language of the majority

2016 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush should be speaking the language of the majority.

Jeb Bush spoke Spanish, the migrant language, to attack Trump in Miami this week—on the campaign trail.

Trump had harsh words for Sen. Marco Rubio as well and lit into the donor class, all while saying that the “silent majority” in America is waking up and fighting to take back the country from the corrupt political class.

Trump also predicted that he will not only win the White House in 2016, but that he will be re-elected in 2020–predicting he will be a two-term president–and that at the end of his eventual eight years in the White House he will be known to all as a “great conservative” just like Ronald Reagan.

“I like Jeb,” Trump said. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

“El hombre no es conservador,” Bush said in Spanish of Trump in Miami, according to the Tampa Bay Times. That means, according to that newspaper, that Bush is saying of Trump: “The man is not conservative.”

“Besides, he tries to personalize everything. If you’re not totally in agreement with him you’re an idiot, or stupid, or don’t have energy, or blah blah blah,” Bush continued in English, according to the Times.

Trump, in his exclusive with Breitbart News, ripped that argument—that somehow he’s not a conservative.

“You know, Ronald Reagan wasn’t a conservative,” Trump said. “He became a great conservative. By the time I’m finished, people will say I’m a great conservative. By the time I’m finished with the presidency, after eight years of the presidency, people will say I’m a great conservative—far greater than Jeb would ever have the ability to be.”

Trump also fired back at Rubio for aiming to undercut his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” The campaign slogan was used by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 campaign for the White House alongside George H.W. Bush, Jeb’s father.

According to the New York Times, this week Rubio—while campaigning in Carson City, Nevada—said Trump’s campaign slogan isn’t an accurate assessment of the country. Rubio argued America is “great” now.

Trump, in response, told Breitbart News that this means Rubio is complacent with where America is now—and doesn’t believe there is room for improvement in the country. Trump also called Rubio “Jeb’s plebe.”

Rubio was trained by Bush in Florida politics before the two, along with 15 other Republicans including Trump, started competing against each other for the GOP nomination this cycle.

Rubio and Bush have nearly identical political viewpoints on immigration and trade, and as Bush and his campaign keep slipping more and more, it’s expected the donor class paymasters will get behind Rubio down the road, because he would give them everything they want if he’s elected president, just like Bush would.

Trump said that the donor class paymasters who he says are controlling the politicians like Bush and Rubio “are looking to benefit themselves or their company, whereas I’m looking only to benefit the people of the United States.”

When it comes to the border, Trump again noted that he’d build a wall if elected president.

“There is a great silent majority, and the silent majority is not so silent anymore,” Trump said. “They want to see America become great again.”

Meanwhile the war on Trump continued with Jon Stewart, formerly from the Daily Show, attacking the GOP-frontrunner under the usual guise of humor.

The public, roaring with laughter, is never shown, because there are no people in Stewart’s unfunny show.

Jon is alone in a studio with a camera man.

The canned laughter is edited in later, as a service to the dupes, to indicate when the humor starts, which is not always obvious from the context.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Trump’s chances for the White House may also “hinge on Hezbollah”.

Trump did not take kindly in a radio interview on Thursday to being asked to identify the affiliations of various militant leaders in the Middle East, saying the host was asking “a gotcha question” since these groups change constantly.

Discussing the “War on Terror”, talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Trump who the leaders of militant groups were, and to name the heads of Islamic State, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and its Nusra Front wing in Syria.

Source: Breitbart/Jerusalem Post