Zuma runs to toilet after reed dance chaos

The Office of the Presidency has denied that President Jacob Zuma was escorted to safety as maidens at Enyokeni Palace, under “demon attack”, caused a commotion at the reed dance ceremony.

The Mercury reported on Monday that during a commotion on Saturday when black maidens were pushing each other towards an area where Zuma and the king were seated, Zuma’s bodyguards led him away from the stage for his safety.

Zuma’s spokesman Bongani Majola said on Monday, however, that when the president was seen being escorted from the stage he was actually going to the toilet.

King Goodwill Zwelithini had apparently suspected that Satanism was the cause of the commotion, which started on Friday and continued on Saturday.

Majola said after returning from the toilet, Zuma stayed for the duration of the event and saw the women causing a commotion, which disturbed the king’s speech twice.

IFP MPL Blessed Gwala, who had been at the function, also said that while the king had been calming the women, Zuma had gone to the toilet.

“The president did not run away. This has painted a picture of a president who ran away leaving his king in danger.”

He said the trouble started on Friday when a woman who was suspected of being possessed by Satan screamed “snake” and “frog”.

Source: Mercury