Trump surges ahead of Hillary

Despite the liberal media spinning Hillary’s non-apology as bringing her closer to the American public, it appears her presidential campaign took another shot to the chest this weekend.

Not only does Bernie Sanders keep rising in the polls, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton head-to-head, garnering 45% support versus 40% of his Democratic rival, according to a new national poll.

While the popularity of Trump campaign increased through the summer, Clinton, the defender of child-rapists, could not improve her image among likely voters over her lack of transparency and trustworthiness as former secretary of state.

The new poll, conducted by Survey USA, marks a significant turnaround in the polls.

Trump leads Hillary Clinton head-to-head, garnering 45 percent support versus 40 percent of his Democratic rival.

This comes as another survey revealed Thursday showed Trump has hit a new high in the race to the Republican presidential nomination. According to the survey by Monmouth University, the businessman now enjoys a 30 percent support nationally.

As Doyle McManus writes in The LA Times,

I talked with Republican wise men last week — sober establishment strategists who have seen many presidential campaigns come and go — to ask them how long the improbable popularity of Donald Trump can last. Reassure me, I said: He can’t actually win, right?

Their answers surprised me.

“It’s not inconceivable,” Vin Weber, a former congressman (and Jeb Bush supporter) told me. “It doesn’t look as if he’s going to implode any time soon…. It’s hard for me to say this, but he actually seems to be getting better as a candidate.”

“Trump has put himself on the short list of five or six names who could win the nomination,” said another GOP operative who insisted on anonymity because he’s working for one of those other candidates. “It’s not impossible that he could win.”