Newborn forgotten in incubator

For more than two days, a newborn baby girl lay in an incubator which was either not switched on or was malfunctioning, while her mother wondered where she was.

The baby screamed with hunger as she had not been fed since birth.

To make matters worse, during delivery the infant suffered several deep cuts to her arm which penetrated into the muscle.

Black nursing staff at the George Mukhari Hospital in Ga-Rankuwa took the baby away from the mother to attend to the wounds, but seemed to have forgotten about her, and she was neither fed nor cleaned up. The wounds were also not attended to.

It was only after her mother insisted on the third day after the birth to see her baby that she discovered the abandoned and neglected infant in the incubator.

The mother’s nightmare tale unfolded two years ago, when she gave birth in March 2013 at the hospital.

With the help of a lawyer who took on her case free of charge claimed millions in damages from the Gauteng MEC for health.

Judge Eberhard Bertelsmann expressed dismay at the health authorities, not only for failing this baby and her mother, but for issuing a blank denial to all the allegations made by the distraught mother.

Source: IOL