Saudi Arabia offers to build 200 mosques in Germany

Saudi Arabia is offering to pay for the construction of enough mosques in Germany to facilitate the needs of every 100 refugees that enter the country. The offer comes as Europe has been flooded with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from Syria and Iraq.

Fanning out across Europe, seeking refuge, some 4 million refugees are looking for a place to settle down as war ravages Syria. In Syria itself, another 6.5 million are displaced. There are only 10.6 million Syrians, just half of the nation’s total population, still living in their homes. Syrians now make up 20 percent of the planet’s refugees.

These people have needs, including food, shelter and other basics. They also want their spiritual needs met and since nearly all of them are Muslim, that means they want mosques. To meet that demand, Saudi Arabia is offering to build a mosque for every 100 refugees accepted by Germany. Similar offers may be extended to other nations.

The refugees are streaming into Europe instead of into Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia has welcomed some of the refugees, but other Arab states are denying entry to most of these people. These nations have incredible wealth, mostly because of their oil industries, but they would rather build mosques abroad than welcome these refugees into their territory.

Source: Catholic Online