Wilders urges premier to stand up for his own people

PVV leader Geert Wilders’ anti-refugee, anti-Islam comments have caused many ruffled feathers in the immigration debate in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of the Dutch parliament, this week.

According to the PVV leader, the refugees are safe enough in the refugee camps in their own regions.

The only ones coming to northwest-Europe are “economic refugees”, NU reports. He spoke of an “Islamic invasion” of “men with beards” flooding into Europe.

Wilders insisted on closing the borders and abandoning the Schengen Treaty. He closed his speech with a statement to Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “Stop building refugee centers. Stand up for your own people, your own culture.”

During his speech Wilders had used phrases such as ‘Islamic asylum tsunami’ and described refugees as ‘testosterone bombs’ who ‘threaten our girls’.

Prime minister Rutte launched a strong attack on Wilders.

Rutte said on Thursday such terminology is ‘terrible’ and failed to make any contribution to finding a solution.

While agreeing with Wilders that some councils had not properly consulted their residents about the arrival of refugee centres, the prime minister said he had ‘very great faith’ in the Dutch people.

In support of Rutte, Amnesty International placed hundreds of welcome mats on the Plein in The Hague on Thursday morning. This is a call on Prime Minister Mark Rutte to be more welcoming to refugees.