Thousand rally for independent Scotland

Thousands of pro-independence activists gathered on George Square in the Scottish city of Glasgow carrying Saltire flags and “Yes” banners on Saturday. “End London rule,” said one of the banners.

Organizers of the demonstration wanted to “make a clear statement that our journey to full independence for our nation continues,” the Daily Record reported.

“It’s now not a question of if we become independent, it’s when we become independent,” rally organizer and Solidarity co-convener Tommy Sheridan said.

“I think the mandate for the next referendum should be sought next year at the Scottish Parliament elections,” he added.

The next referendum should be organized “when the time is right, when Nicola [Sturgeon] says so, and when I think that there’s a good chance that we will win it,” Robert Boyd, 47, another activist told the Daily Record.

They may have been defeated in last year’s independence referendum, but they haven’t fallen silent. In the lead up to the independence referendum in Scotland in September 2014, tens of thousands of activists attended ‘YES’ rallies – and those people have not dissolved into thin air. One year on they are making a statement by setting up a rally in Scotland’s largest city to draw attention to their cause.

The independence referendum in Scotland last year had an unprecedented election turnout of 84.6 percent of voters, serving strong proof of how serious the Scots feel about their land and its future, no matter whether they said yes or no.

Today, one year from the #indyref, calls for a new referendum are rising. The leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon made a statement, saying the “UK is living on borrowed time.”

“If you continue to ignore Scotland’s voice, if you continue to disrespect the choice the people across this country made in May (general elections in the UK), more and more people will conclude that Westminster simply cannot deliver for Scotland,” she said.