Black residents butcher thugs

Chilling stories about enraged black kasi residents butchering thugs who terrorise them are increasing.

People sweep aside police pleas not to take the law into their own hands. Their answer to thuggery is death by panga, stoning and fire!

Daily Sun has horrifying video footage of residents slaughtering alleged thugs. In the Free State capital, kasi residents went on the rampage this Wednesday against the Maroma gang, who are accused of taking pupils from schools and disrupting exams.

Three men were killed with pangas, spades and knobkerries.

And in Mpumalanga, enraged residents killed two men who allegedly raped and killed a pregnant woman and robbed her family of R8 800. A gruesome video shows a Mangaung kasi resident stabbing a man as he lay on the ground.

The raging crowd chanted: “Maroma gang members are cowards who target pupils! We will show them how we deal with cowards!”

A 40-year-old taverner was killed at Mangaung’s phase 4 on Wednesday morning after residents stormed his house looking for his son, said to be a gang member.

Then, as night fell, two unnamed men were killed in Mangaung’s phase 3 and phase 7 kasis. A parent said: “Today the grade 11 and 12 pupils were supposed to be writing exams but the lunatics stopped them.”

Brigadier Billy Jones said 14 people were arrested for public violence. “Cases of attempted murder, murder and malicious damage to property are being investigated.

In Saselani outside Dwaarsloop, Mpumalanga, residents went on the rampage this Tuesday after the horror five thugs allegedly unleashed on Friday night, when they forced their way into a family’s shack. Family member Stanley Mashaba (24) said: “The gunmen demanded the R8 800 my mum got from her stokvel. They hit me with a plank and the butts of their guns until I fainted.”

Stanley said they threatened his seven-month pregnant sister Charlotte (20) with a gun, slapped her around and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t hand over the money. Begging for her life, she gave them the money. The thugs left but returned a moment later, wanting to kill Stanley. The sisters begged for mercy.

Then, calling Charlotte a magosha, they dragged her to a nearby stream. They allegedly stripped her, raped her and shot her dead. This Tuesday, angry residents went looking for the thugs. They caught Bongani Mkhabela (24) and forced him to point out his friends.

He led the people to Lloyd Moon (20), and they beat him to a pulp with rocks and sticks. Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said residents took Bongani to the spot where they allegedly killed Charlotte. “They assaulted him and burned him with a tyre.”

Source: Daily Sun

  • John Deer

    Bush Justice is the ONLY Justice in Stone Age Africa.

    • life

      Am black and i have to agree with you. We African have a lot of problems that we need to solve not running away to the western world.

  • life

    This is so sad, why can’t the police do something ?

  • John Deer

    The Decent Black People and the other Races are seriously sick and tired about the Levels and Viciousness of Crimes and our FAILING JUSTICE SYSTEM. The ONLY way to remedy this is to get EDUCATED and UN CORRUPTIBLE Ministers of Education and DEDICATED Teachers. And then we NEED a HONEST General Government. (NOT A 100% ANC GOVERNMENT) Get RID of BEE rules so that the Western World can INVEST without them worrying that their Investments will be Confiscated, so that they can create Factories and other Big Business to EMPLOY the Millions of UNEMPLOYED and to TRAIN these Employees so that they can START their OWN Businesses, thus creating MORE Job Opportunities for the UNEMPLOYED, but of course, ZUMA can NOT think that far with his Std.4 Education and all those STUPID Advisors in the ANC. USE the EXPERTIZE around and available.!!!! Eventually South Africa will then get out of this RUT of DESTRUCTION. By the way, get rid of these self enriching Unions as their actions have only caused a loss of about 2 Million Jobs so far.