Research poll: 70% of Germans want migrants to be sent back

A new study has revealed that the vast majority of Germans do not see the migrants coming across the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees and want to see them deported back to North Africa.

The study, conducted by research institute Civey shows that 69.8 per cent of Germans do not regard the migrants rescued and transported by NGOs in the Mediterranean as legitimate refugees despite claims from the NGOs themselves.

Many of the NGOs have called for Germany to stop cooperating with the Libyan coastguard which has been turning back migrant boats, but according to the survey, most Germans disagree with them, Die Welt reports.

When the survey data is broken down by age, it shows that the largest section of those who want to return the migrants to North Africa are aged 65 and older at 74.6 per cent. The data also differs depending on the region of Germany the participant comes from with East Germans being the most favourable to deportations.

Along political lines, a majority of members of all parties support the deportation of Mediterranean migrants except for the left-wing Green party with only 34.7 per cent approving of the idea and 48.8 per cent rejecting the idea.

The Green party have long been in favour of the NGOs and their rescue missions in the Mediterranean, including Hamburg Green politician Anna Gallina who joined the crew of the Sea Eye NGO earlier this year. Ms. Gallina justified her actions saying: “I am going to Libya in the next few weeks because I want to contribute to the salvation of the people.”

The survey deeply divided the far-left Die Linke, or Left Party, with the number of those agreeing and disagreeing being close to equal. Some members of the far-left party, which finds its origins in the Communist party of former East Germany, have been against mass migration while others like Left Party politician Diether Dehm are so pro-migrant that Dehm was accused of smuggling migrants himself.

Perhaps least surprisingly, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) members voted 98.8 percent in favour of deporting Mediterranean migrants. The AfD has consistently been against mass migration and for the strengthening of Germany’s borders since the start of the migrant crisis.

A new poll, from Insa, shows the AfD regaining some of the momentum they had in regional and local elections last year. The poll shows the party once again in third place nationally behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) coalition and the Social Democrats (SPD) led by former European Union parliament president Martin Schulz.

  • Afrikanus

    Prof Oliver on the Greens:

    Some time in the early 1990’s a lady from the German consulate in Pretoria said on one of our national broadcasters (I was listening to my car radio): The Greens are like tomatoes. When they are ripe, they turn red.

    We will see with the coming elections who was stronger: the propaganda or common sense. Some observers fear all that will happen is that more voters will turn to the CDU, seeing them as the lesser evil than the Greens and Reds. The AfD is a breakaway party for dissatisfied CDU voters. Should they ever obtain significant power, they will most probably get relegated into the dustbin before they would be able to act effectively.

    For in order to act effectively, they have to move closer the the policies of the likes of the NPD, i.e. they will be painted with the extreme rightwing brush. Already the past months they had to dance around not to be portrayed as such, causing splits in the party leadership. But when push comes to shove, they will have to address this issue, and then they will sit with a big problem, which might mean their downfall. The deep state will not allow such a party into power.

    • Danny

      It’s funny because here in Europe we call the Green Party members “Watermelons” – green “shell” only on the outside to hide the fact that they’re thoroughly red on the inside.

  • Mr Domestos

    I fear it is a bit late to shut the flood gates. It is virtually impossible to start mass deportations as it will be viewed by every liberal / democratic government and ngo as reminiscent of WW2 and Germany just won’t risk it. Furthermore, these migrants have realised that through violence and intimidation they can actually succeed in what they plan. Germany, France etc are all in the same boat. For instance the Calais Tunnel – even though the police are acutely aware of the migrants attacking truckers and blocking the road with various obstacles they are (politically) powerless to act and look the other way. This may very well be the end of Europe.

  • Rasta Dono

    90 percent if south africans want to see non African s deported

    • Owen in Durban

      EU & the US refuse us entry.
      Who will then run the sa economy & make profits for all south africans ?