Canadian court: If South African blacks attack you, you must be a ‘white supremacist’

Canada’s Federal Court has rejected a white Afrikaner family’s bid for asylum in the country, claiming that racially skewed crime statistics from South Africa constituted “white-supremacist hate literature”. Judge René LeBlanc of the court said their refugee claim “offered no evidence the state of South Africa is incapable of offering protection for their children from rape or murder”.

Canada also rejected the notion that the South African president and other political figures singing “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer” constituted discrimination or hate speech.

Eric Williams Endre and Sonja Endre, a married couple, along with two of their children and Sonja’s parents, visited Canada in 2016 and after hearing that the country championed human rights, decided to apply for refugee status as they had already been attacked five times by blacks in South Africa. Once in 1995 their car was hijacked at gunpoint, then in 2004 they suffered a home invasion with four blacks assaulting and robbing them. In 2013 their home was burglarized. A year later, in 2014, their car was stolen outside their house and later in the same year three black men tried to steal Sonja’s cell phone while she was working.

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has often said in the media that “all refugees are welcome in Canada”, his statement apparently does not apply to white South Africans, specifically Afrikaners. Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board denied the Endres refugee protection, saying “there was no reliable evidence that they were attacked due to their race, and it was more probable they were attacked for economic reasons — to steal their possessions”.

During their appeal to the Federal Court of Canada, the family argued that the IRB failed to adequately consider the children’s circumstances. They said that “their children cannot safely play in parks in South Africa; one was bullied and had been taken out of school; and their mother could not walk with her children without fearing they could be assaulted, raped or killed”.

South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world. However, defending the IRB’s decision, government lawyers stated that concerns for the children were based on “patently unreliable racist propaganda”.

A government lawyer said the fear of white children being raped by blacks “was highly offensive as the information the family relied on was white-supremacist hate literature that should be ignored”.

The government also said the Endres’ claim was based on a risk of generalized crime in South Africa, meaning that it could impact almost anyone, not only those who are white or Afrikaners.

According to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, refugee status is “not meant to protect people who face problems the general population of a country faces, but only fears of persecution specific to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion”.

The international refugee system is not meant to offer a safe haven for all suffering people, the IRB’s published guidelines say.

In his judgment dismissing their appeal, René LeBlanc said: “It is also settled law that absent a complete breakdown of state apparatus, it is presumed that a state is capable of protecting its citizens and that this presumption can only be rebutted by the refugee claimant with clear and convincing evidence.”

Until now, very few South African citizens have been accorded refugee status in Canada. So far in 2017, none has been accepted. In 2016 there were 12, in 2015 there were 18, in 2014 there were two and none in 2013.

  • Bart

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  • ss

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      • Bobby Ebagum

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          • Chris

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    • Bobby Ebagum

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      • “It’s unfortunate that Americans have one set of rules for themselves & another for others”

        • Bobby Ebagum

          Change the news channel you watch. You’ve been brainwashed with leftie propaganda.

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          • John

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  • Nevyn

    Merkel is insane period.

  • Bobby Ebagum

    Justin Trudeau is totally out of touch with reality. He has damaged Canada terribly.

    • Bobby Ebagum

      Justin Trudeau is totally out of touch with reality. He has damaged Canada terribly.

      • Canada is run by Britain not Trudeau.

        • Bobby Ebagum

          Lol, Britain is not even run by Britain. They’ve gone to the dogs and Canada is following.

    • John

      Trump is a left winger sent to infiltrate the right wing in America by pretending to be one of them. The elite (much richer than Trump) put him there just in case Hillary lost. They didn’t expect her to lose though, so were quite shocked by that, but their man was still waiting in the wings, just in case.

      .This is why Trump failed to keep his promise to do everything he can to make sure Hillary Clinton gets prosecuted. He even publicly admits not he no longer supports the idea. There will be more wars for oil and Israel and no border wall. All 3 of his children married Zionist Jews. Trump is just a white (or Jewish?) version of Obama…

      • John

        Even the whole “war” between Trump and the liberal media is completely fake. Yes, all “trumped up” to make Trump look like a right wing hero, when he is anything but.

        • Bobby Ebagum


  • Charles Steiner

    Canada’s Federal Court is racist — anti-White — and it grants no asylum for Whites period.

  • Charles Steiner

    Canada’s Federal Court’s explanation for not giving asylum shows that the Canadian Federal Court is racist — anti-White — and no pleading or fear or justification for requesting asylum is good enough, if you’re White.

  • Christopher Fox

    With all due respect, gentlemen, Trudeau, or Merkle, or Obama, or Trump, et al, are neither the cause nor the cure. Marxism is at the heart of it and in the Western World, our greatest ‘enemies’ begin with our educational and media institutions having been taken over and dominated (an understatement) by Marxists (read: Jack Booted Tyrannical Bolshevik Thugs) for decades. We have more control over our Politicians than most of the World. What we (us staunchly opposed to Marxism) do not have is control of the information that informs the voters – the leftists do with their Lies & Propaganda and intellectual vacant political notions. The Frankfurt School took over our Universities decades ago, and the Media has taken their cues from them and their thought process. A thought process that in addition to pimping Marxism, has been labeling the White Man as the source of all Evil in the World for decades, now. It has taken a good 3 generations in the West to try to brainwash every generation and keep pushing every generation further to the left, and they are succeeding …

    I am at a loss for words in responding to the reporting of the murder of White Farmers, as ‘white supremacist propaganda’ by someone, a Judge in a Western Civilization Court, dismissing the barbaric savagery occurring as such. The Canadian Courts response is equal parts of ‘Intellectually repulsive and ignorant’, ‘Stuff an Leftist Idiotic/Indoctrinated Mind spews’, and ‘Frightening as hell Western Civilization has sunk this low and is inching towards complete collapse’. Yes, the issue runs far, far deeper than our elected Officials …

  • Rene Birrell

    If Canada Court has rejected White South African’s, then yes I would say is wrong, maybe it is time Canada made some enquiries about the situation for white South African’s. Not by contacting the South Africa Government Officials, because they will just lie to them. I live in Scotland and have seen some brutal pictures on Facebook of all the farmers who are being killed, it happens almost everyday. If Canada was to make contact with the Farmers Unions they would learn the truth. It is claimed that up 4000 white farmers have been brutally killed and wives rape etc. Send some of your Official’s out to South Africa to visit farmers and make your enquiries, you WILL learn the truth. Seems like the Western World are ignoring all the killing, attacks and robberies that are taking place in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Funny thing is they seem to think it was because of Apartheid. Well some of the people that are being murdered, rape and robbed were not even born when the so called Apartheid was so called around. If that was Apartheid then what does one call was is taking place in South Africa and Zimbabwe at the moment. Please tell me, because I do not have the words for it, because it is disgusting what is taking place there. I have seen all this from friends in Africa. If you wish I can forward you video’s and picture of what is taking place.

  • Stanley West

    Complete ignorance, lack of insight, racist-driven bias and very poor judgement by “Judge” René LeBlanc.

  • Stanley West
  • Stanley West
  • Ian Grobler

    As yourself this, do you really want to live in a country that supports the racist UN, who’s long term plan is to destroy the white race? It’s called genocide and Merkel is at the forefront.

  • Mlady_Raka

    Wonder if the bus of DUTCH tourists who visited South Africa and were attacked, assaulted and robbed of all their possessions were also white supremacists….

  • Mlady_Raka

    I would like to welcome this judge to South Africa…

  • steve lundy

    who wants to live in canada anyway they are just a bunch of hypocrites who dont practice what they advocate. i for one can catergorically state that my brother who is highly qualified along with his wife and daughter were all given visas and residential acceptance EXCEPT their youngest son who has down syndrome ….he opted to stay in RSA and on that point i wonder how canada can claim that they champion human rights when they deny a child a visa to enter their country because he has down syndrome? i say let them keep their cold country along with their cold hearts!!!!!

    • Doris Webber

      Stinking refrigerator country dumping its produce and lumber into the U.S.

  • ShaggyFace

    Pure ANTI-WHITE nonsense. The family wants to escape from getting potentially killed, and the Canadian judge automatically assume they’re “white supremacists” with NO evidence to back it either. If they were NOT WHITE, it’s welcome with open arms with NO buts whatsoever. But no, they’re white, and according to the Canadian judge’s white guilt ridden and anti-white logic, somethings afoot. According to liberal logic 101, white people can never be victims of racism and asylum seekers. Just how long can these fools keep up the “white privilege”, “white supremacy” nonsense ??? Because there’s no such thing… EVER. Just a weapon to denigrate and silence white folks into submission and extinction. Before you liberal fools keeping bringing up the “stolen” Native American lands and black slavery, Europe has endured scores of deadly plagues, wars, revolutions and invasions which led to the DEATHS OF MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of white people in the past 2000 years. So how does that translate to white privileged, much less white supremacy ????

  • Rory444

    I think the situation in SA is so wild that no-one believes it can be as we say. And the truth flies in the face of the “One racial reconciliation success story of South Africa” as falsely advertised all over the world as the “poster boy” for accepting other cultures into your country.

  • Clipper

    I would like to invite any government official or judge to come visit SA. They will soon learn that SA is the most dangerous country by far and that the whites are being targeted. This judge and the lawyer are both anti-white, probably liberals who would welcome anyone else into Canada, except South African whites. They obviously believe the andile and zuma and malema rubbish and make their decisions based on that. Poor Canadians, to have such a skewed justice system with such skewed officials

    • Doris Webber

      Bribed by S.A. government.

  • david ras

    Here is my answer to this Idiotic Judge—Canada has an Embassy in Pretoria , right..? How many pictures of these victims of the Black Nazis can we get together? Smear them with glue and stick them to the walls/ fences of the embassy , even stick them to the pavement so that the world can see how stupid this JUDGE really is—let us flood Canadian newspapers with graphic information of the AFRO NAZI attacks on the whites, always pointing to the similarities with the Jewish fate in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1939…and them ask : Hoe many Canadians are fellow travellers of Afro Nazism. They were told about the Jews before the war and would not listen—the same again in another part of the world ….?

  • Kris

    Whites are being targeted for death world wide, this is not a theory, its showing itself in western politicians and this nonsense.

    • ex RSA

      Send this LeBlanc idiot to a troublesome township for a week or to the Cape flats.
      There WILL be a very quick change of opinion.

  • Nevyn

    Last place I would go to is Canada, it’s nothing but a cesspool of marxist trash.

    • WB

      Liberal gays and genderless are being forced to be not a boy or a girl and can choose and would be helped to cut willies off and grow breasts.and it basically legal to do drugs in canada because the government provides drug rooms with nurses and you are allowed to do hard drugs infront of cops.

    • Julie Jansen Van Rensburg

      I am in touch with an expat from Pinetown, Natal, and this man regularly mails me about the most shocking things happening under this lefty Tredeaux who – as far as can be determined is merely a tool in the hands of leftwingers like George Soros and others – my friend also mentions that more and more “refugees” are now flooding Canada which the average born and bred Canadian is seeing red about…. maybe – jus MAYBE these morons will sing another tune once the “refugees” begin screaming that their “demands”should be met – free housing, freedom to rape and loot, freedom to impose Sharia law, etc – (Germany and Sweden are perfect examples of how these called “refugees” try to impose their will – very successfully in most cases) so Canada is facing a possible flood of rape, looting, murder, etc, etc – and I hope the “lefties” are first in line for this to happen…

  • 267July

    Just because they have a few gold mine consessions, SA bribes Canada and other countries to close their eyes. Boycott both countries.

  • Ingrid Marshall

    This is beyond disgusting. It makes me ashamed to be a Canadian. Having lived in SA for many years I know the Endres are living in fear, especially for their children as I did whilst living there. I do believe that Canadians have lost touch with reality.

  • Jewish Supremacists

    The judge must be a Jewish Supremacist.

  • WB

    Well everybody in syria and libia are being killed so they are not allowed a safe have becaise the general public are all in the same boat and needs to be killed.Idiot refugee board.racist pigs.Dont worry canada will be paid in full for their sins against their own.then nobody should help them and let them die the same as they let us die.

  • No credibility couts

    Israel doesn’t take refugees in, except for DNA tested Jewish Refugees.

    Jewish supremacists only want non-white refugees in Western countries, but opposes it for Israel.

    The more insane the court rulings become, the more the courts loose credibility. The Jewish dominated legal system is insane and anti-white. Jewish judges always rule against whites, as they hate white Christians.

  • Blaatunga

    Just to wait for the upcoming arrest and deportation back to south africa and a possible white cross. There are many already. The judge must be pig ignorant not to know.