Petition for debate in European Parliament on #plaasmoorde

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Please discuss South African #plaasmoorde at the EU parliament

Debate on #plaasmoorde


485 signatures

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485Anton Van RooyenFeb 22, 2018
484Peter ThompsonFeb 22, 2018
483Quinton horakFeb 22, 2018
482Aden HindsFeb 19, 2018
481Lucy KellyFeb 19, 2018
480Mauritz van den HeeverFeb 17, 2018
479Mo Bischoff WienholzFeb 17, 2018
478Eniko Del GrecoFeb 15, 2018
477Willem MollerFeb 11, 2018
476Rossouw van VuurenFeb 11, 2018
475Jaco KellyJan 31, 2018
474Rose Barden Jan 29, 2018
473Steve SmithJan 29, 2018
472Robin UngerJan 29, 2018
471Toni OjalaJan 28, 2018
470Michael ElofsonJan 28, 2018
469Anders ElvelinJan 28, 2018
468Johan StassenJan 22, 2018
467Johan SwanepelJan 22, 2018
466Isabel SwanepoelJan 22, 2018
465Johann du PlessisJan 22, 2018
464Hilde PappaertJan 22, 2018
463Alfons van der SneppenJan 22, 2018
462David FitzcharlesJan 22, 2018
461Jan Christiaan OppermanJan 22, 2018
460Jan BadenhorstJan 22, 2018
459Stuart SmithJan 22, 2018
458FRANK EBEDESJan 20, 2018
457Howard SutherlandJan 18, 2018
456Chris MoutonJan 17, 2018
455Luca SannaJan 17, 2018
454Joanna LouwrinkJan 16, 2018
453Tommie HendriksJan 16, 2018
452Mikko TerhonenDec 27, 2017
451Fiona WarinDec 27, 2017
450David Van den BerghDec 27, 2017
449Dimitri HoegaertsDec 27, 2017
448Rob Teijema Dec 27, 2017
447Amanda SimpsonDec 27, 2017
446Louwerens RikkersDec 27, 2017
445Barry BryantDec 24, 2017
444Vivienne LorimerDec 24, 2017
443Danelle MurrayDec 24, 2017
442Brandt BrecherDec 23, 2017
441Annette KaiserDec 21, 2017
440Oscar van OmmerenDec 21, 2017
439Jos van den BergDec 20, 2017
438Natalia JohnsonDec 19, 2017
437Monique Van Den MerweDec 18, 2017
436Chris KerrsDec 18, 2017


  • Adriana Stuijt

    I am trying to sign this but the ‘sign’ button does not work. Sorry. Adriana Stuijt

  • lerumo

    lol stupid settlers

    • Johndf

      A typical racist comment from a typical racist black South African.

      A racist who never talks about how native kings like Shaka Zulu killed thousands of other tribe members and even members of his own tribe. Or how Nelson Mandela sanctioned the deaths of innocent civilians in supermarket, school and church bombings, or how the invading Bantu people from Central Africa killed and displaced the original black Khoi San people of Southern Africa shortly before Europeans arrived.

      • Johndf

        I should say, shortly before Europeans arrived, IN LARGER NUMBERS.

        • Johndf

          I also forgot to mention the thousands of deaths from ANC / IFP conflict and the countless political assassinations between them and amongst them ever since.

          Of course even all of this you will blame on the white settlers who you will laughably say must have thought them how to do this to each other.

          Yes, yes, we know.
          Blacks can’t be racist, especially not to other blacks. We have a special different word for that called Xenophobia. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?

      • lerumo

        which tribes did Shaka kill? and what does black people fighting each other have to do with you white colonisers. Mandela was in jail from 60’s till 1990 and was only allowed visits by his wife and lawyer, when did he get the chance to sanctioned the deaths of innocent civilians in supermarket, school and were you stupid european foreigners expecting to just fold our arms and watch you kill and oppress our people, blood for blood, life for life. Did you know white colonisers use to sell licenses to their fellow europeans to legally hunt and shoot San people. 2019 is coming and retribution will be done to our racial enemies.

  • Mike E

    The European left’s contempt for white lives is truly repulsive.