Dan Roodt: Anglicising Afrikaans schools will speed up the country’s decline

It is astonishing that Mary Metcalfe, whose educational legacy in Gauteng was characterised by one foolish, abandoned experiment after the other, should pontificate on the issue of Afrikaans schools (“War talk won’t end language row”, June 5). The very prowess of those schools and their exceptional results depended for years on avoiding, sometimes even surreptitiously, the more disastrous policies and decisions emanating from the provincial education minister’s office.

Metcalfe is also blindly ethnocentric, judging from the zeal with which she argues the case for ramming even more English down our throats. What she calls a “legal war of attrition” over the Afrikaans schools is, more fundamentally, a prolongation of the Anglo-Boer wars and the quest for total English supremacy and monoculture.

In many societies, such attempts at cultural and political domination of one group over another have led not to legal bellicosity, but to more literal war and ethnic conflict. Metcalfe refers to “challenges of perception”, among which is the “perception” (of white liberals with children in ­private English schools?) “that language exclusion operates as a proxy for racial exclusion”.

Before we argue about perceptions, there is a reality that Afrikaners are, by and large, politically and culturally excluded from the current system that is run by ex-terrorists, ­former exiles and an Anglomaniac elite that takes its own colonial Anglo-American or even Afro-American culture as a given. McDonald’s and KFC are in; boerewors and biltong are out.

The operative term here, and which Metcalfe in her Anglomaniac self-righteousness uses quite freely, is “imposition”: “the imposition of English as a parallel medium of instruction in Afrikaans-medium schools”. By what right do Metcalfe, Barbara Creecy and their puppet, Panyaza Lesufi, want to “impose” their killer language on us? English enjoys unheard-of dominance, funding (also by the Afrikaans taxpayer, who is financing English imperialism) and exclusive privilege on all levels of government, yet this is apparently not enough. The Afrikaans school must be stifled, given its final solution – all in the name of “diversity”, that nauseatingly politically correct concept. There are ­thousands of all-black schools all over South Africa without any white children, yet no one is bemoaning their “lack of diversity”.

It follows that the assault on Afrikaans schools has nothing to do with improving education, but more with the ethnic hatred of Afrikaners in some Anglophone, cultural-Marxist circles whose covert objective is not only to eradicate the Afrikaans language but also to rid the country of Afrikaners. Either we will be made to feel so unwelcome and hated that we will simply emigrate or there will be some more violent solution to the “Afrikaner problem”.

If the remaining 124 Afrikaans schools in Gauteng succumb to English political fanaticism, the country will lose many young engineers and scientists, further hastening its current decline. But those schools have a wider function too: in a violent, decadent society that is hostile to cultural minorities, they care for our children.

Afrikaans schools manage to give children from single-parent, lower middle-class homes a chance in life. They also represent the last havens of Afrikaans culture menaced by an Anglocentric state and corporate behemoths constantly imposing their monoculture on everyone.

It is not true that “from 1994, many historically Afrikaans schools have opted to offer parallel streams of English and Afrikaans in one school”. In all the cases I know of, there was some degree of threat or coercion from the provincial education department concerned.

The notion that Afrikaans schools “belong” to the state and not to the community that created them must also be challenged. Metcalfe and education MEC Lesufi are the landlords of public schools, lording it over their hapless tenants as they see fit. Most Afrikaans schools in Gauteng were financed by Afrikaner taxes and are maintained as semi-private institutions by fee-paying parents, often grappling with financial problems.

Ever since the British took control of South Africa in 1806, there has been a Dutch and Afrikaans taalstryd (language struggle), perhaps interrupted by 40 years of National Party rule, during which an Afrikaner government did not dare to force English schools to become Afrikaans medium.

After two centuries of language struggle, the very existence of Afrikaans and Afrikaans schools is still under threat from a hostile, fundamentalist, Anglomaniac government that makes British colonialists look tame by comparison.

First pulblished on 11 June 2015 in the Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg.

  • John

    The price one pays for outsourcing every aspect of one’s culture to the government – loss of control. Afrikaners never took responsibility for their own culture. From servants in the kitchen to religious education at school, hardly any aspect of Afrikaner culture is taken care of, and taken resposibility for at grassroots level. As a result something as fundamental as basic tuition for their kids now exists in a weird cuckolded state with an alien race in charge, who took over the previous government. And with that, basically took over the Afrikaners. And it’s payback time. Not sure why, but it fits the African narative of fixing colonial oppression.

    So to make a long story short, the monstrous task facing Afrikaans education today is of Afrikaner making. They’re stuck inside government schools and they cant get away from that. To make matters worse, they also want to enforce their religiosity onto these state schools, so their focus is lacking as always and I dare say their sincerity questionable.

    If for once an Afrikaner entity urges Afrikaners to stand on their own feet and pay the way themselves then I’d pay attention. I fear the false piety will retain its grip on Afrikaners and their own internal war with the likes of OGOD will do the job for the dreaded Anglo-ANC agenda of total anihilation.

    The Afrikaner simply isn’t mature enough or sufficiently unified in order to be in charge of their own education, just as they are hardly capable of looking out for themselves in the country side and elsewhere. I foresee another 200 heinous murders at least in the next two years, and I guarantee the appeal will yet again be that the government must look after them. This while individuals within the ANC openly declare that they will be “picked off one by one” ! How silly can one culture be ?!

    • Afrikanus

      I do not quite comprehend (you might have a valid point, but I can’t read it out of your text) what you mean by that every aspect of the Afrikaner culture was outsourced to the government, or for that matter, what did they do so different than what was done in every Western country. And the English part of the population have folded first with their schools. They have not set a good example. If they think they will escape the changes on the long run, because everything becomes more and more English, they are making a big mistake. Your colour of your skin is your uniform. Eventually they will also be gunning for you.

      Is it for example so different to Germany, or the UK? Those countries also have a civil service (do you remember the hilarious “The men from the ministry” radio show many years ago? It also was broadcasted in South Africa) and state schools, build by their tax money.

      This servant in the kitchen thing – that is a completely different topic. It seems to be a colonial disease not just uniquely connected to the Afrikaner, but to the colonial whites: Kenya, India and everywhere where there is cheap and unemployed labour begging for jobs from door to door.

      And today the nationally disconnected americanised Big Business in Europe promotes influx of these people in order to sink wages of the ethnic nationals, in order to become more competitive with exporting countries with low wage labour. That is also a kind of kitchen servant syndrome, because this new cheap labour force will also be those that will look after the increasingly white elderly population who put their own wellbeing above the creation of children (the cost of upbringing children is worth a fortune, which can buy you instead nice expensive all-around-the-world vacations), because no one else wants to do this low wage, stressful and ungrateful task.

      The Afrikaner simply not mature enough to be in charge of their own education – but the existing state schools were funded by them for this very purpose, and they are in the process of being hijacked. If you mean all Afrikaner schools should have been turned into private CVO schools long ago – with which funding? One talks about big bucks. I would not have been able to afford the fees, or the fuel costs (they are far and few inbetween). What will the unemployed parent do, or the parent with special needs children? Not all children are fit to educate themselves behind a computer screen. The development level of children varies from child to child. It covers the whole IQ and income spectrum, if one wants to put it this way, and a computer can’t make up for this.

      And if you loose all state schools, those on the other side of the trench will have won a moral battle, and might start looking with greedy eyes at the private schools. You cannot stop feeding the crocodile. If worst comes to worst, they just make a law nationalizing everything. You get enough crooked lawyers who will think out a scheme to get around this problem.

      And how must Afrikaners (or for that matter a certain section of the English population) create independence if they are not able to generate funds, because all kinds of quota systems going under the name of “affirmative action”, BEE, BBBEE and other untranslatable gibberish prevent them taking up employment?

      The Afrikaner is not perfect, but nor are other white countries with large pockets. Would they have handled the situation better if they were put in the same situation? England in part looks like little Asia or Africa and is supposed to be an old established white high culture. Same with France. The Coca-Cola culture USA. Nearly every Western country sits with more or less the same problem, and with a leadership that does not stiffen its back, but submits to those pulling the strings in the background, seemingly going by the proverb if we can’t beat them, we’ll join them on the gravy train and merilly roll along. In other words, do everything to get elected at the next election, and then betray every election promise, until the electorate becomes so battle-weary that they become careless.

      • John

        Are u saying that Afrikaners should not, cannot, be critisized for what they’re doing because others are doing it to ?
        As said, the task is monstrous. In my view, doomed.
        So, let’s not change now. Let’s sit back and watch as Afrikaners continue down this terminal path – I sense you are inferring that to ? Doomed ?
        Let’s watch as each school fights the relevant minister only to succumb afer the 3rd or 30th ignored agreement, promise and protest. And then let’s top it with the usual religious battle on the side whereby even more Afrikaners are shunned in favor of religious bullshit. Did u notice, like I did, the indignant outrage when Afrikaners were told their kids can’t have Bible stories at the cost of curiculum, compared to the indifference when told to become double medium ?

        Yes, its pay up OR shut up.

        • Afrikanus

          No, I am not saying that the Afrikaner should not be criticized, as long as it is constructive criticism. I just needed some clarification on some of your observations, no offense meant. Difficult to ask proper questions when only working through a readers comment medium, it is not my usual way.

          Bible stories at the cost of curriculum and indifference – no, I did not notice. For I am in the position of a spectator staying abroad. I rely on what I hear from you people, and some remaining contacs of mine, whose children have grown beyond school going age. My comments must be read in this light.

          Why my continuing interest in South Africa? You cannot throw away a life spent hearly half a century in South Africa during the most critical years in the recent past, the bush war, your colleagues, friendships, the people you have worked and danced with and half a life time of dreams and memories. It feels like treason. Sort of like the Rhodesian when-we’s. Our destiny and cross our generation carries into the sunset of our life. Those friends and people, of which one was once part off – they cannot just die. They deserve better. It makes one bitter angry not being able to change their destiny. I have sworn to myself I will not become like those expatriates who run away, kowtowing to the new country of destination by telling lies about the old South Africa.

          It is time that the honest truth has to be told. I want those bastards gone.

          • Afrikanus

            “In my view, doomed.”

            In my view, as long as there still is a single white man left in South Africa, the last page of history of the country has not yet been written. Time will sort out the wheat from the chaff inside the Volk. I refuse to let a defeatist mindset rule me. When I feel despondent about this situation, I wait till this feeling blows over and carry on looking for solutions.

          • John

            Sounds to me like you have in fact arrived in mind but not in heart. At the point when the penny drops that is. But the implication is so grave that it is rather not stated. Don’t worry, I know it’s tough. Personally I’ve tasted several countries now, and about 7 or so years ago I finally admitted – to myself – that I have totally failed at adapting to hollow western culture of the Anglo-Saxon variety and, in turn, it’s not taken to me either. But it’s at this point that I look up and wink. I’m damn proud of myself.
            A good person would fit in and excel in the foreign milieu, sooner or later. A true Afrikaner will fail. That’s me.

            I fear you may be far closer to the truth than you realise when you refer to the “single white man left in South Africa”. Whether it be because of your inferred sifting process or thanks to the more deserving rightful owners of the land and their murderous ways, either way, I think we are looking at a profoundly small number just before the final moment of snuffing .. or the revival.

            Until then, we’re stuck with a tripping Afrikaner brain that thinks God is punishing them because they don’t have religious instruction at school.

          • Afrikanus

            John, I read you have been through the mill. You speak deep words. One does not want to become like the proverbial Wandering Jew, who only has host countries, but never a homeland.

            For this religion thing, I remember very well that it was the Achilles heel of the Afrikaner, which brought his downfall.

            Go you well.

  • Rooikop

    “If the remaining 124 Afrikaans schools in Gauteng succumb to English political fanaticism, the country will lose many young engineers and scientists, further hastening its current decline. ” – THAT is the whole purpose. The scientist and engineering jobs place Afrikaners in control and that cannot be tolerated by the power hungry.