The world has gone mad

by Yolande du Plessis

I truly believe that the world is going mad. I was reading a news site the other morning and besides the “normal” stories of corruption, murder and other crimes, I came across two very disturbing articles.

The first was Boy, 7, ‘battered by Grade 1 classmates’. Now, what is wrong with that heading? Grade ones. What the hell is going on? A young boy of 7, grade one, was asked by the teacher to report noise-makers while she stepped out. When he reported the boys who had made noise, they viciously attacked him, damaging his liver, kidneys and spine. This boy will not be able to walk properly again. To make this even more bizarre, the teacher requested the boy’s family to amicably resolve the issue with the wrong-doers’ families. I ask you – amicably?

These boys need a good lashing. Six of the best. That will make them think twice about committing such an act again. With that I also believe that punishment in the form of community work would be good, but only after the lashings.

Now I know there are some of you who would think it child abuse, but it is not. Even government is attempting to put in place laws to prevent parents to give their children hidings. I say that is wrong. How will kids learn if they don’t feel the result of their actions? Sometimes, talking will not do the trick. We will be raising killers in our society if we take away the basic form of punishment, namely a good hiding when the occasion calls for it. And frankly, the occasion is screaming for those boys.

The other article, which could be seen as the possible result of not giving out hidings when they are due, is South African black jailed for raping and killing his own grandmother. Again I will ask: what is wrong with that sentence? Raping and killing his own grandmother, 92 years old. What in the world could this man have been thinking? Maybe if he had had a few hidings in his youth, he would not even have contemplated such an act. Now the question is: how long will he actually spend in jail for his life sentence? A few years and then he could be released on parole. With board, lodgings, studies and DSTv paid for by our tax monies? Sounds like a fair punishment. Not!

This is where the old forms of punishment could make a good example of this criminal – and don’t think he is anything other than a criminal. How about the good old-fashioned cat o’ nine tails? Now that would make him think of his rape. And then the good old noose for the killing. Or firing squad, whatever is cheaper on us as tax payers.

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Yes, I am angry, but aren’t you? Why are we allowing these acts to be committed? Why are we not standing up and demanding – demanding being one of the things some people in this country have got down to a tee – these criminals to get their just punishment, instead of living off our monies that are suppose to help the poor and upgrade our roads, etc. I mean, if you take the amounts lost in corruption each year, then surely we should cut the head off somewhere. We pay for corruption, we pay for crimes, but we never see our hard-earned money go to those who truly need it. And don’t come with human rights to me. Human rights should only be applied to those who have not taken the human rights of others away. In my opinion you give up your human right when you have so outrageously disregarded the rights of another human being.

Think about it and see if you don’t feel the same… We can still try to make a difference in this country. We should just stand up and fight for what is right!

Yolande du Plessis is a blogger from Pretoria. Read her opinions here.

  • Bakkie

    Hi Yolanda I read your blog.I am a 55 year old man and not one day goes by when I think to myself this cannot get worse! I spend many hours reading and digesting news from around the world, including South Africa. As I said I concentrate on news politics local and international and of course religion.I want to tell you that in my opinion the world has truly gone mad.What people do beggars the imagination,yesterday I saw a picture of a cat that had been crucified and another of man that had also been executed by crucifixion .These acts were committed in the name of religion.The human race should, as logic dictates, be evolving into a more peaceful state, as people become more aware that actions have consequences.I was born in 1957 grew up in a mining town,in 1975 I was in Angola courtesy of the Army.I have seen and heard some rough things,but I am sorry to say this never in my life have I seen such cruelty, depravity and lack of humanity as in the past couple of years.Maybe I did not look hard enough or maybe I did not want to.Only God has the answers,or maybe he has just given up?

  • Boerewitman1

    En snaaks, hoe meer jy hierdie onverteerbare goed lees en jy besef in watter gemors Suid Afrika is, hoe sieker word jy. Wat so erg is, is dat die oorgrote meerderheid van die Blankes, teen hul beterwete in, met hierdie swart gepeupel sal saamwerk en tot ‘n groter mate hulle sal aanvaar as mede Suid Afrikaners, hoe meer skop hulle, die swart gepeupel, die Blankes in die bek. En deur hierdie optrede skep die swart gepeupel ‘n platvorm vir rassisme. Self onder die jonger geslag wat eintlik min of niks met die verlede temake het nie. Ek dink wat ook die rassistiese vuur so ‘n bietjie (baie) aanblaas is die moorde op die Afrikaanssprekendes, boere, die jongmense sien dit en ervaar dit en soos ons almal, of dan baie van ons, kry ons ‘n jikkel in hierdie swart gepeupel.
    Dat ons as Afrikaans sprekendes en Blanke Suid Afrikaners nou moet saamstaan, raak dringend nodig. Hoe lank kan ons nog së, ja en amen, hoe lank moet ons nog sê terwille van my werk en inkomste. Interesant hoekom daar 30000 Chinese in die Weskaap is, laat ‘n ou so ‘n bietjie dink

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    Guys, you aint seen nothing yet.

  • raymond white

    white people of South africa talk about their genocide, if you only knew about the genocide of white people of France, get the truth about it and make up your mind,
    as an ex rhodesia and i have been finding out everything late about the white genocide in South africa i am surprise