Foreign ambassadors requested to attend Janusz Waluś parole hearing

Janusz Waluś

The ambassador of the European Union Commission on Human Rights and the Polish ambassador have been requested by the “South African Committee for Justice for Janusz Waluś” to attend his parole hearing at the Pretoria High Court on 7 August 2018.

This hearing will be yet another effort by Janusz Waluś to obtain parole and deportation to Poland, of which he is a citizen. He has been refused parole on a number of occasions, for various reasons most of them political.

According to the Committee, “It should be noted that two Chinese murderers who chopped up and boiled the body of their female victim were recently granted parole and were deported to China. This has set a legal precedent and will be presented to the court by Waluś’s attorney as an example where justice for one should be justice for all.”

Although Waluś has long qualified for parole under South African law and prison regulations, the powerful South African Communist Party has been lobbying behind the scenes to keep him in prison.