Harmful effects of electromagnetic field in a person

Do you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, sleeping with it close to your head? Do you type on your laptop all day, with the device laid out directly on your, well, lap? Many people nowadays walk around with any number of devices glued to their hand, and doctors are increasingly sounding the alarm on the significant health risks posed by these electronics. While the significant technological advances we have witnessed in the past decade alone is wondrous to behold, they also pose serious threats to our bodily integrity, especially when it comes to electromagnetic fields.

An electromagnetic field is a type of energy created by differences in voltage; the higher the voltage, the stronger the field. The radiation that emanates from man-made electromagnetic fields poses health threats in any one of the following ways:

1. Cataracts

Eye irritation and cataracts have been reported in individuals exposed to high levels of radio frequency from different devices, particularly in things like the microwave. So, definitely squash that impulse to babysit your reheating lunch by waiting for it and staring directly into  the microwave.

2. Depression

Depression was a disease that was often written off in the past, but with the passage of time, psychologist verified it as a very real and prominent issue plaguing many humans around the world. According to recent findings, one of the risks of EMF radiation in some individuals has been a level of previously undetected “hypersensitivity.” This can happen in the form of aches, pains, or frequent headaches. An attendant form of depression can also occur, as many have reported feelings of lethargy, sleeping disorders, and other emotional or behavioral problems associated with frequent exposure to radiation. While scientists are still trying to confirm these findings, the results of studies conducted thus far have been disconcerting.

3. Cancer

If you haven’t previously heard much about the disastrous effects of electromagnetic radiation, you most assuredly have at least come across the claim that they have a direct effect on increasing the likelihood of cancer. While this remains a controversial prognosis, the bodily harm caused by increasing levels of radiation cannot be underestimated.

For example, communities that reside near nuclear plants have been shown to have a much higher predisposition towards cancer and other harmful, terminal illnesses. So, while the science is perhaps hesitant to render the linkage set in stone, the correlation between cancer and electromagnetic radiation can’t exactly be swept under the rug.

4. Pregnancy

This is another common association with electromagnetic radiation: pregnant women exposed to high levels of EMF run the risk of malformations, low birth weight, congenital diseases, and even spontaneous abortions. Unlike the correlation with cancer, this health risk is well acknowledged by the medical and scientific establishments.

5. General Health

Besides the major health risks mentioned above, EMF has been blamed for everything from an increase in anxiety disorders, regular headaches, a loss of libido, to constant fatigue. While perhaps these are harder to quantify than a full-blown illness, it’s safe to assume that the presumed health consequences of EMF far outweigh the positives.

Finally, while perhaps the scientific evidence of the effects of high levels of EMF radiation on humans remains somewhat inconclusive, there are enough warning signs to vouch for its dangers. So, next time you decide that you absolutely cannot part with your phone or iPad, think again…