Rolex: A Collection Must-Have

With more than a century under its belt, Rolex has become a staple name in the field of luxury watch manufacturers. The mystique that comes with the name Rolex has only increased people’s interest in the brand. The manufacturer keeps the process of developing this ageless machine behind closed doors.

What makes a Rolex a must-have in your collection is the fact that every single model is hand-assembled and tested. This Swiss masterpiece goes through triple checks in order to deliver a watch that withstands time.

Owning a Rolex watch is considered a luxury, and we understand why. Most Rolex watches will not break your bank, and you can own vintage or new Rolex watches under £6000. It doesn’t take a lot to have this magnificent piece of machinery in your collection.

The Devil in the Details

Tiny details, such as various dials, bezels, and crown guards, vary immensely from model to model. Since not every model from a collection is the same, that adds a lot to the watch’s overall collectability. Features that were available for a short time, like the ‘Bart Simpson’ dial in the ‘60s, contribute to its value. Every avid collector dreams of owning a unique Rolex model.

As we mentioned, all Rolex watches are hand-made. Thus, the professionals creating a sample need a year, or longer, to perfect one Rolex wristwatch, which testifies to the quality of Rolex products. Even so, round 800,000 watches are produced per year.

Value with Time

Unlike many other watches whose value decreases the moment you purchase them, the value of Rolex increases. This might not be true for all Rolex models but certainly is true for vintage models and stainless steel sports watches.

Vintage Rolexes, such as the Daytona and Explorer, are usually in high demand. Of course, it is expected of the watch to be in pristine condition for its value to increase continually. On the other hand, Rolex sports watches are typically sought after as well because most collectors want this unique and limited item, which makes it even more valuable.

Recognition and Versatility

What makes Rolex stand out is its design. It would be difficult to find a watch enthusiast unable to recognise Rolex’s predominant look. Most Rolexes are round-shaped and waterproof. The majority of collectors love the idea of preserving and improving existing collections. Rolex does precisely that while carefully modifying iconic models to remain relevant.

Rolex is a watch that can be worn for any occasion. No matter the situation, you can easily switch from a leather strap to a bracelet. Accessorising a Rolex watch is quite exciting because of the many straps it boasts, like Italian leather, suede, nylon NATO strap, vintage tang buckle, and others.

Quality and Simplicity

Rolex has been present on the market for 115 years, and for a good reason. The quality of the watches persists — they are quite well-grounded and sturdy. For example, Rolex Explorer is made to withstand constant temperature changes. More precisely, it was designed for high-altitude mountain climbers.

The simplicity of the watch is something that remained over time. There are no complicated and flashy features that are unpleasant to the eye. A Rolex was initially made for everyday wear, and it managed to uphold that reputation to this day. The impeccable image of a simple Rolex watch will never go out of style.