Premature Ejaculation and its Effect on Poor Sexual Satisfaction

Premature ejaculation is one of the many sexual disorders that will not only affect a man but also hurt the relationships they are into. A good percentage of women report having both psychological strains and stress as a result of this problem. If these are the effects of premature ejaculation on a woman, then it can be even more overbearing to the man.

Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects men and is characterized by, as the name suggests, ejaculating early during sexual intercourse. Now, while there exist different treatment and premature ejaculation remedies, you’ll want to ensure that you have a professional treating this issue rather than go for quaky options. One thing to note is that sexuality issues are complex and they’ll not only affect one physically but they can also take a toll on one’s psychology and their relationships.

Men are naturally egotistical –no hard feelings guys, it’s just the way it is – and sexual performance is one of the issues that a man can take pride in. But when there are areas in a man’s sexuality that need to be addressed, it’ll not only hurt their ego but their self-esteem as well. The results are poor sexual performance and ultimately, a poor relationship. In this piece, we’ll be taking a closer look at premature ejaculation and its effects on poor sexual satisfaction.

The Problems with Premature Ejaculation

Women who rarely climax will suffer more in a relationship where the man has PE (premature ejaculation). It can become even more frustrating when the man’s ego gets the best of him and instead of admitting that they have a problem, blame it on the woman. Now, this can have serious ripple effects on a once healthy relationship, especially when there lacks effective communication. Below are some of the issues that can culminate.

1. Over-Reliance on Sex Tools

There’s a good reason why there are more sex tools than there are men. For starters, a third of men have sexual dysfunction issues that they’ll not admit to, say for those who care about maintaining a healthy relationship. The rest will hide behind outdated beliefs and as a result, end up suffering. It’s for this reason that women in such relationships will opt for alternative means to satisfy their sexual thirsts. Over the past few years, sex toys have gained immense popularity and it’s not always for the right reasons but in most cases, it’s to cover up what cannot be provided in a relationship, satisfaction! There are however safer ways to address this issue and for women who care about their men, they’ll seek premature ejaculation treatment options to not only help their men but also heal their relationship. Even with various PE treatment options, see how a lidocaine spray for premature ejaculation can help bring back the spark in your bedroom and how it can help improve your relationship. It’s all about a change of perception, mentality, and burying the hatchet if you want to see results with your PE issues. Let’s take a look at various solutions to premature ejaculation. They include:

  • Introducing mineral supplements to your diet
  • Application of topical creams and sprays
  • The use of penis rings
  • The use of PE condoms
  • Techniques and methods such as squeezing techniques and stop-and-start methods

2. Divorce or Separation

It’s sad to note that even with various treatment options to premature ejaculation, there are relationships that will break as a result of the condition. However, this will usually happen due to silenced stress factors and depression. Severe PE will contribute to conflicts within a relationship. Sexual dysfunction has been cited as the number one factor that contributes to divorce and separation. While it’s a difficult decision for anyone to make, the reality is that not so many women will be willing to spend their years in an unsatisfying relationship.

3. Cheating and Unfaithfulness in Relationships

Ever wondered why people cheat when in a relationship? Well, today you have one among the many reasons why. Before you get it twisted, premature ejaculation is not infertility or impotence. As a man, you can still father a child under normal conditions even with PE. However, there are quite some individuals, both men, and women, who will cheat and become unfaithful as a result of premature ejaculation. This will be in the quest to seek sexual satisfaction from other partners. Rather, those in relationships should seek treatment and solutions methods such as those mentioned earlier.

4. Constant Quarrels

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the many reasons why so many relationships are hurting today. There will always be that one partner who will blame their better half for not satisfying them in bed. It can get even worse when this is done in public domains. Ladies, you don’t want to hang your dirty linens in broad daylight, especially your man’s! There are avenues where you can take your issues and still maintain a healthy relationship such as going for marital counseling sessions.

Ladies, celebrate your one-minute man while you find ways to help them. You don’t have to leave them, cheat, or introduce gadgets in your relationship. There are treatment options for premature ejaculation that can help heal that rift in your relationship.