How To Properly Manage Your Computer Files

Keeping your computer files organized is a nightmare in today’s wired world. Imagine spending hours and hours looking for a file on a messed folder is quite a chore. Maybe you should consider arranging your files appropriately so you can access it easily whenever and wherever you need it. You might want to check these tips to make an organized file from chaos. Here are some ways on how to properly manage your computer files.

Recycle Bin

Many of us computer users save unnecessary files, and we end up having loads of repetitive and nonsense documents. Cleaning up the storage is one way of organizing your computer files since there is no point in saving unwanted files. In doing so, you might discover how many times you add up to your computer’s storage in stowing three copies of the same file under one file name. To give you an idea, here are some great duplicate file finders that may help you to clean up those drives and make space for new needed files. Many individuals try using tools like Tidyup 5, Duplicate Sweeper, Anti-duplicate to locate the same file efficiently. Delete those copies that only consume some space.

Group Your Files

When we do a project or file, what we usually end up doing is saving it wherever the screen tells us to store. We often find piles of different files in one folder like those documents you typed, images you saved, videos, and kinds of music you downloaded that gives such pain in the eyes seeing compilations of different types of data. Consider making a folder for each category, make one for your documents, add another folder for all your downloaded videos, another one for your songs to be streamed, another one for your saved images. In doing so, you can easily navigate and access your files without confusion and hassle.

Use the Right Name

Laziness makes us impulsive in naming the file, and we often save things with names like letter1, asdf, letter2, docs2. It is our common mistake when we store something. Doing this causes such hassle when we need the documents, and we have to open each file to view what’s in it, cut off the laziness and start naming your file according to its description and purpose. For instance, you can use the exact words that describe the file, like bills, and proposals you can scout what you are looking for without having to open each improperly named file. Saves time and gets rid of the mess.

Use Storage Providers

One way to keep access to all your organized files is by using storage providers where you can back up your files and manage it from different devices anytime. Try using OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, and the like to sync and backup your files safely and securely. These services provide multiple data storage that can be very efficient for those who keep a stockpile. These services also have a strong search ability that will make your life easier by just typing file type, keywords, and more.

Arranging and cleaning up those computer messes may take some time to do so. However, you will thank yourself in the future for having such a clean pile of records and accessible data that will save time and make your computer look pleasingly organized.