US ‘tenured radicals’ shouted down by S. African black students

In an incident hushed up by the MSM, three visiting American professors or “tenured radicals” were shouted down by black South African students in Cape Town who told them they were white and therefore not worth listening to. Apparently the black students “confiscated” the microphone and would only give it to other blacks as white opinions were considered irrelevant.

The visiting American radicals, “queer theorist” Judith Butler, as well as Wendy Brown and David Theo Goldberg, were from the University of California. Together with the Camerounian author Achille Mbembe, currently at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, they were supposed to give a lecture on the “University and its worlds” at the formerly coloured University of the Western Cape.

Although not reported on, details of the disruption by radical South African black students have emerged in two columns published by local “tenured radicals” and admirers of the American academics. Writing respectively for Netwerk24 and the Independent Group’s IOL, Professors Amanda Gouws and Xolela Mangcu, complained of the black students’ disruptive behaviour. Gouws politely states in her column that they engaged in “anti-intellectual behaviour”.

Gouws, who is normally known for her politically correct utterances and hatred for her fellow Afrikaners, even flirts with racism when she states that the black students “do not know what they do not know”, a statement which could, in South Africa’s currently racially charged atmosphere, lead to serious trouble for her as she is implying that the black students are not as brilliant as they are usually made out to be:

Die studente kon nie redenasies met teenredenasies wen nie. Daarom was dit beter om hul opponente stil te maak. Die probleem is dat die studente nie weet wat hullenie weet nie.

[The students could not win arguments with counterarguments. Therefore it was better to silence their opponents. The problem is that the students do not know what they do not know.]

In his column Xolela Mangcu explains how the three visiting US radicals characterised the university as a “capitalist instutition” that should be revolutionised. However, the black students would have none of this and simply “hurled insults” at the visiting white American liberals, as Mangcu describes it:

I expected students would be excited by these arguments in their own struggles against university administrations. But that is not what happened. During question time a group of students who presented themselves as Pan Africanists hurled insults at the panellists as white people who were there to tell black people what to do.

I felt really bad for the panellists but also embarrassed. Earlier in the day I had been waxing lyrical to them about how brilliant and sophisticated the students are, despite efforts by the media to portray them as just irrational and violent.

When not throwing excrement at or breaking down white statues, it seems that South Africa’s radical black students – who are “brilliant and sophisticated” as Mangcu refers to them – shout down visiting American cultural Marxists for being white.

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  • Trac Mila

    How stupid do you need to be when you can’t even identify when somebody is on your side? Maybe it’s just BMS(Black Male Syndrome).

    • Johan Smit

      National Geographic from an alien perspective.

      It is racism, hate, pure evil. The African creature is the most violent, barbaric species of humanoid. It is the most evolved parasite. Its appearance is so well adapted to its environment that the host can not identify the parasite and is consumed by the parasite. The parasite can even breed with the host but the offspring then caries the parasite gene because the human gene is retractive and thus it is also consumed.

      Some humans do identify the threat but find it difficult to deal with the problem because when they do a large number of other humans their own species who is blind to the threat turn on them.

      This makes it very difficult for the human to survive and pass on its own genes. All the human have got to his advantage is a bigger brain.

      Will the human outsmart the parasite or will it be consumed? Tune in next week…..

      And all the little alien children can have some ice-cream now

  • Guest

    Wunderbar! They don’t need their coaches/trainers/tutors any more.

  • Jochen Peiper


    • JDTAKL

      Such fun!

  • Joseph

    Verwoerd warned about the exact same thing. Oh the irony!

  • Johann Schutte

    Is there a lesson for Judith in this? Nope. No chance. Zero, Zilch, Haba, Nada, Fkol.

    She will return to her liberated and progressive colleagues with the adulating message that apartheid has left the young SAfrican intellectual wonderously fervent and challenging.

    • JDTAKL

      You’re right, and she’ll claim this even though it cannot be proven, because that is the way of leftists.

  • breadstix

    only animal that makes fire interesting

  • WALK

    “Die studente kon nie redenasies met teenredenasies wen nie” se Amanda Gouws. Sy’t ook maar lank geneem om nou te weet wat sy nie geweet het nie. Shame.

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    ” Professors Amanda Gouws and Xolela Mangcu, complained of the black students’ disruptive behaviour.” – This is really funny! Dear Amanda and Xolela – EMBRACE these students and what they did. It is YOUR creation. This is your legacy now.

  • Guest

    Liberals applauding the work ethic of their black president. Just deserts.

  • White Noise