Non-white California gave Hillary the ‘popular vote’

Since Donald Trump’s electoral victory, supporters of loser Hillary Clinton have cried foul because they maintain that their candidate won the popular vote, which was not enough to secure the electoral vote.

Clinton did not even come close to pulling her weight in the electoral college. With only 232 votes to Trump’s 304, she had to hand the first place to the Republican contender.

Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 by almost 2.9 million votes (2 864 978) or 2.1 percent, thanks to one state only: California. If California’s vote totals were entirely removed from the equation then Hillary Clinton would lose her popular vote lead.

“And if California voted like every other Democratic state — where Clinton averaged 53.5 percent wins — Clinton and Trump end up in a virtual popular vote tie,” Investors Business Daily reported.

According to IBD, Trump also easily won the presidency by every other metric even when California is included.

Non-whites officially outnumber whites in California. This milestone, which had been expected for a while, finally arrived in July 2014. California today has the largest number of racial and ethnic groups, with more Hispanics, whites, Asians and American Indians than any other state.

The most recent US racial data shows for people who said they were “white in combination with something else”, California had the largest number of these people at 29.8 million, which could explain the Democratic advantage in the state.

The 2016 election is an exemplar of a modern trend that generally sees Democratic candidates tending to receive large numbers of votes from densely-populated metropolitan areas in states with high concentrations of other races such as New York and California, while Republican candidates tend to do well in less populated and whiter areas of the US.

The purpose of the Electoral College is to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections.

As recently as October, Democrats were still calling popular vote systems racist.

The New York Times editorial board has called for the end to the Electoral College following Trump’s presidential win, describing the system carefully set up by the founders as something most Americans no longer “prefer”.

Ironically, although largely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the Times, the ample evidence of election wrongdoing by the Clinton campaign is disturbing.

Throughout the year, The Horn News reported on multiple instances of vote swapping, conspiracies to commit electioneering, pictures of equipment tampering, reports of dead voters, engineered debates, DNC manipulation, widespread voter fraud, illegal coordination and sabotage, altered primaries, unethical media influence, and a rigged Democratic primary exposed.

One Stanford research paper even suggested that the odds that Clinton did not commit widespread fraud to be 1 in 77 billion.

Source: FreeWestMedia

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