Afrikaner NGO’s file information request on whites murdered since 1994

Two Afrikaner NGO’s, PRAAG and the Boereleed Research Institute have filed a request under the Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000 with the South African Police Service for murder statistics broken down by population group.

According to Dr. Dan Roodt, director of PRAAG (Pro-Afrikaans Action Group), “there is widespread concern among members of ethnic minorities in South Africa about the high number of attacks and murders committed against them. Until now, no-one has requested this information and it has led to widespread speculation about the number of black-on-white murders committed since 1994”.

Under the act, the SAPS now has one month to supply the murder statistics. “We hope that the statistics will be accurate and up to date, as we have also received complaints that the police do not always open murder dockets and sometimes classify such crimes as housebreaking and other minor offences.”

According to informal internet polls, the majority of Afrikaners believe that murders are politically and racially motivated, even though a recent study by the Institute of Race Relations found that “only 2%” of black-on-white murders are of such a nature.

“Two percent might be a small percentage,” said Roodt, “but it still points to a serious amount of ethnic killings in South Africa, given our very high murder rate. Depending on the absolute number of interracial murders in South Africa, recent characterisations of farm murders as ‘genocide’ might be justified.”

Both Boereleed and PRAAG are worried about official attacks on Afrikaans schools. Roodt said: “In all the literature on ethnic conflict and genocide, language discrimination serves as an early-warning signal of such conflict. Afrikaans schools in the town of Fochville have recently been singled out for hostile action by the provincial education department. I am currently trying to get an appointment with Gauteng MEC for education Barbary Creecy to discuss the matter. If it is not defused, ethnic polarisation in Fochville might further escalate.”

Last year PRAAG laid a charge of incitement to genocide at the International Criminal Court in The Hague against Mr. Julius Malema for singing the song, “Kill the Boer”. “Despite this song being illegal in terms of a court order, there is evidence that elements of the ruling party, including President Jacob Zuma, are still singing it,” said the PRAAG leader. “We will have to further alert the international community about the persecution of Afrikaners in South Africa.”