PRAAG calls for civil disobedience after passing of language bill

For more than two hundred years the Afrikaans language has been attacked and marginalised in South Africa, either by the British colonial authorities or by the ANC regime. During the days of National Party rule, English was allowed to retain its role as sole public language and Afrikaans was subjected to censorship.

PRAAG (the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group) therefore rejects the notion that Afrikaans could ever be classified with English as a “previously advantaged language”. Commenting in Johannesburg, Dr. Dan Roodt, the leader of PRAAG said: “No language has been more subject to state repression and marginalisation than Afrikaans. The new language bill simply represents a continuation of British imperialism and colonialism, with the genocidal ANC regime intent upon killing Afrikaans and a large number of its speakers.”

Roodt has called upon the international community to “take note of the dire situation in South Africa, with the ANC regime inviting ethnic conflict through its policy of cultural and linguistic imperialism, as well as attacks upon Afrikaans schools, place names, museums and libraries.”

PRAAG will join in court applications with other Afrikaans organisations to stop the illegal and totalitarian measures being taken against Afrikaans. However, it has also called for civil disobedience to the “sushi-devouring, corrupt, Milnerist satraps whose tyrannical rule over South Africa already represents a crime against humanity. Afrikaners especially should not pay toll fees, taxes or make any contribution to sustain these Idi Amin-like clowns who are dreaming of being British lords calling us donkeys for speaking Afrikaans.”

However, the pro-Afrikaans body has welcomed the “clarity” brought by the ANC’s new language law. “If final evidence had been needed that the unitary state of South Africa was doomed, this is it,” said Roodt. “The only logical way out is self-determination for Afrikaners, as soon as possible. There is currently a reawakening of our noble Afrikaner spirit that has sustained us in the struggle against imperialism for so long. We prevailed against the British Empire and will likewise survive the Nguni Empire in its venality, ugliness and arrogance.”