Jared Taylor makes plea for White Student Union in Towson

Member of Youth for Western Civilization

by Kyle Rogers of examiner.com

Pro-American activist Jared Taylor spoke at Towson University near Baltimore to argue for the need for a White Student Union on campus.

Taylor is the author of Paved With Good Intentions, and the president of New Century Foundation. Local Charleston residents may recognize his name as he has been a repeat guest on the Rocky D radio show.

Several groups at Towson, most notably the Black Student Union, are advocating racial discrimination against whites. They say the University should not allow a White Student Union, even though it provides lavish funding for every other racial group to organize. The University tried to keep Taylor from coming by charging him $1,600 for “security.” The University lets all manner of radical left-wing and black power activists use campus facilities and provides them with security free of charge.

The Black Student Union organized against the speech. That group packed the conference room early, causing many supporters of Jared Taylor to be shut out. Only two hundred people were allowed in the room. A large number of supporters of Jared Taylor who came from out of town were denied entry.

The Towson Black Student Union takes a militant stance on campus. The official facebook page for the group shows two of its leaders giving black power salutes. They also have a black panther painted on the wall of their University-funded Black Student Union facility. Their official website displays the black power flag emblem used by the New Black Panther Party.

The speech was organized by a student named Matthew Heimbach. He has run an official campus group in the past. It was called “Youth For Western Civilization.” Heimbach, and other members of the group were viciously harassed on campus. They were bombarded with death threats and threats of being gang raped. Campus police turned a blind eye. Their faculty sponsor was harassed into withdrawing his sponsorship.

Jared Taylor made an eloquent half-hour presentation and then answered questions for an hour. The entire event was recorded. Click the video in this article to watch it.