Deconstructing David Smith on Oscar Pistorius

The British Guardian is a notoriously anti-South African and more particularly anti-Afrikaans newspaper. As a purveyor of quasi-leftwing propaganda it is probably only rivalled by the former Soviet rag Pravda (‘The Truth’) which nowadays no longer enthuses about the class struggle and violent revolution. Unlike The Guardian.

The Oscar Pistorius incident is a kind of fait divers that would have gone unnoticed were he not a Paralympian athlete. However, for The Guardian’s Africa correspondent, David Smith, the murder is pregnant with meaning, revealing “deep-rooted attitudes to women, race and guns”. (See Oscar Pistorius: South Africa prepares for its own OJ-style trial of the century.)

A murder between two white people, which is ostensibly some kind of crime passionel, therefore has a deeper social meaning which the brainy Brecht-quoting Brit will reveal to us. Unfortunately for David Smith, his sensationalistic article, half-reportage, half-oped piece – but full-blooded propaganda – does not live up to its pop-psychological pretensions.

Smith, like his namesake in the Johannesburg Star, Janet Smith, who equally specialises in stereotypes about South Africa and Afrikaners, is confident that his British readers share those same idée reçues, reinforced by years of one-sided caricatures sent out from South Africa. Asserting racism in the Pistorius case, is like invoking a mediaeval theory of witches, referring to succubi that we know “exist out there somewhere”.

The notion that there is any similarity between the case of O.J. Simpson and Pistorius is equally spurious. In Simpson’s case there was a clear racial element, which eventually played itself out in the differential white and black perceptions of Simpson’s guilt. Simpson, a black man, had been accused of murdering his white wife. There is more of a resemblance to the recent allegations of abuse suffered by Mrs. Judy Sexwale at the hands of her cabinet minister husband than to the Pistorius case.

Yet probably accusations of black husbands beating up their white wives is not news to David Smith and The Guardian. It does not fit their edenic view of Africans as the innocent victims of white racism.

Smith and The Guardian, as far as I know, have never reported on farm murders or the many high-profile cases of white children, some even babies or toddlers, killed in cold blood by young black males in South Africa. Willemien Potgieter, Danielle Esterhuizen and Alyssa Botha come to mind. News from South Africa is carefully filtered to incite international animus against local whites, Afrikaners especially.

Obviously, David Smith and other foreign correspondents are acting in bad faith. Their writing flies in the face of journalistic ethics, credibility or even basic decency. In more than one sense, they are “framing” us, portraying us as ruthless killers and “racists” while we are the real victims of the sadistic violence raging in South Africa.

I would go even further and suggest that the British Left, that motley collection of Anglican radical clerics, cultural Marxists and whatever “militant tendency” remains in the Labour Party, are not happy with the slow pace of the killing in South Africa. The sadism, although vicious and bloodcurdling as when elderly ladies are tortured with hot irons, made to drink boiling water, gang-raped or hacked to pieces, does not happen on a scale large enough to satisfy the heirs of Kitchener or Roberts’s genocidal instincts.

David Smith, for example, laments the fact that there are “160 000 inmates who endure incarceration in Africa’s most overcrowded prison system”. We know that only 8% of murder cases ever result in a conviction in this country. The inefficiencies of our “transformed” criminal justice system, as well as corruption, see to that. Recently we learned that one third of all “South African” men had raped a woman on some occasion. Now, if all the murderers, the rapists and the robbers could have been apprehended and punished, there would no doubt have been a million “inmates enduring incarceration” in South Africa, almost elevating us to American levels of imprisonment.

However, even the fact that 8% of our murderers are in jail is too much too bear for British sadists who believe that these admirably passionate animals, the murderers and rapists, should be allowed to roam free within the paradise of cruelty that is South Africa.

Since the early nineteenth century, Britain has followed a remarkably consistent policy of ethnocide and even genocide towards the indigenous whites and Afrikaners of this country. I get the sense in David Smith’s ramblings about gun culture and white racism, that the process of decay and dissolution is not taking place fast enough. The hundreds of thousands of our people who are fleeing to Australia, New Zealand and other countries as a result of the violence, to be assimilated there into the Anglo-Saxon population, are not sufficient to ensure our immediate and sudden demise. More horror, more sadism is needed.

Hence Smith and all the others who are inciting black hatred against us, hoping for some sort of “final solution”. Smith’s message is clear: every Afrikaner male is, like Oscar Pistorius, a woman killer, a “gun freak” who needs to be eliminated in some or other way. Gated communities and other ways of protecting oneself from the paradise of cruelty brought about by British political intervention in South Africa, “arguably inflame the divide between the haves and the have-nots”, as Smith puts it. His platitudes tumble like clothes in a tumble dryer, but we must not miss the underlying logic that protecting oneself from violence is morally wrong. Within a sadistic universe the victim, once chosen by the master, has no right to resist being abused or slaughtered.

When the British camp commandant barks, we should all accept our fate unreservedly. Britain is an island state with an immense capacity for ethnocentrism, whether directed against Afrikaners, Russians, the French or the Germans. I recently re-read Kurt Vonnegut’s cult novel from the late sixties, Slaughterhouse Five, set against the backdrop of the Dresden bombing. British contempt for the Other inspired not only the Boer concentration camps and the Dresden bombing, but also the series of colonial killings in Africa and India. More recently, British soldiers in Irak have been accused of committing atrocities against the civilian population there. Terms used by these paragons of antiracism for Iraqis include: “stinking Arabs”, “yip-yaps”, towel-heads”, “flip-flops”, and “crusties.” (See The British Military in Iraq : A Legacy of War Crimes and Atrocities.)

To Britain and its journalists, South Africa is just a zoo or game park where they may gawk at the next “kill”, naturally siding with the predators, those magnificent creatures.

Not all South African blacks are amenable to the antiwhite hate being broadcast from London by the likes of David Smith and his local emulators. A decade or two ago Muff Anderson of the Johannesburg Sunday Times smuggled AK-47s from London in the boot of her car, dishing them out to any young warlord feeling like a bout of killing. She was widely lauded for this. Gun-smuggling is an interesting sideline to journalism as one creates the news one writes about.

On the other hand, the affable Zulu, President Jacob Zuma, has said some sympathetic things about Afrikaners and acknowledged our right to exist in South Africa. He is certainly for a return to law and order, even while South Africa is being destabilised by barely disguised ethnic and racial propaganda from Britain and those local media who still fawn at the feet of the colonial power.

The only South African politician currently finding favour in British eyes, is Mrs. Helen Zille, leader of the DA and the daughter of German immigrants who is trying her best to pass for English. On the subject of South Africa’s rape epidemic, when the Rape Crisis Centre in Cape Town appealed to Zille for funding, she callously replied: “Get in line – there are thousands of NGOs desperate for funding, all equally needy.” A few weeks later she was in front of the cameras protesting against the gang-rape and murder of the coloured girl of 15, Anene Booysen. Even if Zille’s accent is not quite pukka yet, at least she has mastered British hypocrisy.

Frankly, Oscar Pistorius holds little interest for me. Let him have his soap opera in court. However, we should refuse to let him be portrayed as some kind of archetypal white male or Afrikaner “everyman”, which he is not. I have never even heard him speak Afrikaans in public. Apart from his surname, you could really mistake him for an Englishman. Or a journalist. They have a taste for guns too, especially AK-47s. Just ask Muff Anderson.