PRAAG supports Dutch-Afrikaner cooperation in struggle for street names

PRAAG supports the call by the Dutch Freedom Party for Dutch and Afrikaner people to stand together in defending their shared cultural heritage as embodied in Pretoria’s street names.

Queen Wilhelmina is remembered for her courageous support for the Boers during the Second War of Independence when colonial Britain destroyed our country and let our women in children die in concentration camps. Similarly, Queen Beatrix did much to enhance the standing of Afrikaans culture in the Netherlands and we recall her reign as a time when warm relations existed between our two nations.

Through its name changes the ANC is embracing the worst aspects of the British colonial tradition. For the first time in history an indigenous Western nation, the Afrikaner, is being oppressed and culturally humiliated by a colonial organisation like the ANC.

We appeal to all Afrikaners and Dutch people to resist the new Lords in Munitoria and the Union Buildings.