Lesotho witch doctor found cooking the remains of white Afrikaner farmer

A witch doctor from Lesotho was busy cooking body parts of a white farmer when he was arrested, the Free State High Court heard this week.

The trial of Moeketsi Hopolong Mokoena (34) on Monday before Judge A. Kruger was postponed until April 22, the Beeld reported.

According to the charge sheet, he was busy cooking parts of Jan van Wyk (82) of the farm Jakkalsfontein.

The black man allegedly killed Basie Venter (65) of the farm Biesiesvlei in the evening of March 30, 2009. His wife witnessed the murder outside their home.

The state argues that Mary Venter saw how Mokoena killed her husband with an iron pipe. Mokoena then fled, presumably to Van Wyk’s farm. It is about 5 km away.

The state said when security officers arrived at Van Wyk’s farm, they found Mokoena, bloodied, seated on the front porch of the homestead.

Van Wyk’s badly mutilated body was found in the living room. He died as a result of a deep wound to the neck.

His body parts were found in a pan where Mokoena was busy cooking them.

Lesotho is often called a British Bantustan. Prince Seeiso of the royal house of Lesotho, is also high commissioner to the Court of St James in Britain.

The extent to which the British exerted direct control over Basutoland waxed and waned until Basutoland’s independence in 1966, when it became the Kingdom of Lesotho, but Britain has remained a strong influence.

A third of the population goes hungry. It has one of the highest rates of HIV/Aids in the world and life expectancy now is only 41 with some sources claiming it is as low as 34. It is so poor that it is sometimes classified as Fourth World.

Yet the mountainous African kingdom of Lesotho is the place where the British Royal, Prince Harry says he can truly be himself. He runs a charity in the country and regulary visists the place.