So a TV presenter dies and the country gasps in shock?

So a TV presenter dies and the country gasps?

Firstly let me say – rest in peace Vuyo, I have become very accustomed to sharing my lounge with you in the mornings, and your “sharp sharp” always seemed to put a positive spin on my day. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends as they have lost a loved one who was far too young to die.

But – is this a symptom of our society that the entire country sits up and gasps when a TV personality dies of what seems to be a heart attack or something similar? Was this unfortunate death that much more important than the many people who had died violently in the last couple of weeks? People who were beaten to death, shot, raped and tortured? Little old ladies in their seventies raped and beaten? So many farm attacks in the last couple of weeks and yet I have not heard a collective gasp or witnessed any outrage at these terrible crimes and the horrible deaths that go hand in hand with them?

Are they somehow less important? Do they not warrant our outrage and disgust? Should there not have been a collective gasp at these heinous crimes? Why are they not worthy of decent media coverage? Is it perhaps because they are perpetrated against white people? Does the fact that the victims are white make it ok? Or less important because they somehow deserved what they got? This really makes me mad! These people have died horrible deaths and nobody seems to care? They were not famous or important but they were somebody’s family, a beloved husband or wife, a mother or father, a son or daughter who did not deserve to be tortured to death! Our infamous government claims there is no problem and that crime in our country is under control; they deny that the white people are being systematically eradicated form our society.

I too will miss Vuyo, but it disgusts me that all the people who were killed in farm attacks and robberies will remain faceless and nameless and we will go about our business never having spared a thought for them and their grieving families! It is time to start getting angry, and time to start demanding action from our useless leaders. What does it say about us as a people that we just keep trudging on amid this wholesale slaughter of our countrymen? I am tired of seeing the crosses on the hill on the highway to Pietersburg multiply overnight without any end in sight! So please people, every time you hear of another senseless killing, spread the word so the world will sit up and cry out in disgust, seeing as we as a people are not willing to do so, maybe the world will be so shocked and disgusted that they will intervene in our situation and save us from our bloodthirsty government and our punch-drunk apathy.

It really is scary what we as a people have come to accept as normal and acceptable conditions to live in. If this were Libya or Egypt, heads would roll, but not here – no we just “kyk noord en fok voort”.

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