Republicans are throwing their conservative white base under the bus

Ted Kennedy masterminded America's ethnic transformation

by Georgina Lee

Propaganda is only effective if it tells people what they want to believe, or what they know to be true from their lives’ experiences.

During the 1960s liberal Democrats told white blue-collar workers that the real problem was not crime in the streets but white racism. White blue-collar workers were often the victims of black crime, as were their friends and relatives. They knew what the problem was. They rejected the liberal message, and began voting Republican.

In the 60’s when America was still 90% white and crime was almost non-existent, we were told not to have too many kids that we could not afford. To thinking whites, this made perfect sense as we are an independent lot.

Shortly after that the drunken, belligerent, loudmouth Ted Kennedy told us our demographics would not be affected by immigration.

Now, American politics sits at the side of the cliff with Republicans scrambling and scrounging for any colored vote they can get… all the while throwing their conservative white base under the bus over and over again. Makes no sense to me because to pander to the Latino vote (which they will never get) is political suicide. I see America being run under a Democrat dictatorship for decades to come with only small pockets of Republican rule in the “white flight” areas. I have lived in Southern California my whole life and have seen city after city get taken to ruins by mass influxes of immigrants from third-world cesspools.

Others can have Chinatown and Little Saigon and other sef- imposed “Apartheids” but Damn to Hell the Blue-Eyed Devil for wanting to live among his own kind! Humans are tribal creatures. Perceived “racism” is only a matter of self-preservation – something even animals have a right to.

So yes, to make a long story short – there is massive, massive anger out there, world-wide, at the third-world colonization of Western countries. At first I thought, it was just my being more aware, but there is too much proof that this is real and growing. There is a trends forecaster by the name of Gerald Celente. Back in about 2007, he predicted the riots and anti-immigrant sentiment the world over that is now happening. He ties it in to global financial meltdown (creating more poverty) and the obvious mass influx of immigrants who are a blight to civilized society. This was obviously planned!

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